‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Describes TV Job as ‘Blend of Art of and Science’

by Lauren Boisvert

“CSI: Vegas” actress Mandeep Dhillon took to Twitter recently to describe CSI work as “a blend of art and science.” In the video, she references back to the recent episode, saying, “Never have I ever falsified evidence.” This is of course a callback to the Hodges case in general, where Hodges is accused of fabricating evidence for the crime lab over the years.

It’s also a reference to the game the CSIs played on Wednesday’s episode. Folsom, Allie, and Christ Park played Never Have I Ever while collecting blood samples. Folsom brought up the fact that an FBI agent seemed to really like their boss, Maxine Roby. Allie was flustered and brought upbringing romance and work together being a bad idea. There’s a sort of “puppy love” thing going on between her and Folsom that it seemed she was embarrassed about.

In the Twitter video, Dhillon goes on to say, “When mistakes are made, science never lies.” Meaning, the science is going to win out on this case eventually. They’re going to catch their guy. And it’s going to be big.

The “CSI: Vegas” crime lab is so close to solving this frame-up, but every time they think they have who did it, something is ripped away from them. This time, it was Martin Kline, found dead with his house burned down. That was a house full of evidence that could’ve led them to the mastermind, and it’s gone. But, somebody could have played their hand earlier in the episode. Initially, it looked like a plot hole, but it could be a clever twist.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Plot Hole Actually Ingenious Twist?

When Martin Kline goes to see Sara at the crime lab, he lets something slip that could spell a clue; he said they have a “mutual acquaintance” in Dr. Patel Abbas, who assisted Grissom and Sara in pointing the fingers at Kline. Abbas said if anyone was a “creepy bone thief” it would be Kline.

But, if Abbas dislikes Kline so much, why would he allegedly tell him about the investigation? Unless, Abbas is the mastermind behind the Hodges frame-up. Now, we have to dig into Hodges’ and Abbas’ pasts to find out if they ever crossed each other.

But, at the same time, Abbas could have seen Kline and taunted him about the investigation. He made it clear that he and the pathology community don’t like Kline at all. It’s possible he wanted to rub it in his face that he’s getting investigated. Or, gossip traveled and Kline heard it through the grapevine. Both possible, but harder to explain. Sure, gossip travels, but not that fast. And sure, maybe Abbas wanted to make Kline feel bad, but then you have to explain what Kline was doing at the body farm when Abbas was there.

All signs point to Dr. Abbas as the mastermind, but we’ll have to wait and see as these things unfold on “CSI: Vegas.”