‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Compares Show to ‘Law & Order’ and ‘NCIS’

by Lauren Boisvert

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Jorja Fox spoke about Sara and Grissom’s new threat; finding who framed Hodges; and the portrayal of Sara and Grissom’s friendship within their marriage. She also spoke about how “CSI: Vegas” stacks up against “NCIS” and “Law & Order.”

“In every episode, we’ve had a story that resolves within the episode and they’re just going to get better and even crazier,” Fox started. “My hat really goes off to Jason Tracey, who’s been responsible for developing a lot of these stories. I can’t imagine how difficult it really is to come up with fresh stuff after 20 years of three different CSIs and several NCISes and other shows, and even the Law & Orders.”

Jason Tracey also worked on “Burn Notice” and “Elementary”. Fox added, “He continues to come up with original, fresh stories that are just really fascinating.”

Fascinating is right; Wednesday night’s episode found the “CSI: Vegas” team investigating killings at a clown-themed hotel. Victims were dressed up as clowns and killed in copycat slayings. It was the work of Jeremiah Dalt, who was threatening people to kill for him from behind bars. There’s also a new threat looming over Sara and Grissom; if Hodges is convicted for falsifying evidence, that means a lot of the criminals he put behind bars could go free.

‘CSI: Vegas’: New Threats and Suspects for Sara and Grissom

Currently, Sara and Grissom have a new suspect in the “who framed Hodges” case; lawyer Anson Wix, who stands to make a ton of money if Hodges is convicted. That makes a great case for Wix definitely wanting Hodges framed.

Additionally, what makes the case even worse is now, with Jeremiah Dalt using his influence to make people kill for him, other criminals might do the same. They definitely could get out of prison if Hodges is convicted. That means a lot of killers out on the street who the CSIs now have to catch again. But how are they going to prove the evidence is real? That might be the big issue coming up in future episodes.

Despite the roadblocks they’re facing, Sara thinks maybe they have their guy. “[Sara] thinks maybe this is it,” Fox said, speaking about finding out about Anson Wix. “Kline had a very, very insulated career and so I think when they get that additional clue, I think she thinks, ‘OK, there’s maybe there’s a chance.'”

“CSI: Vegas” is definitely ramping up now as we get into the home stretch. The first season is slated to last 10 episodes. It will follow the same formula: Sara and Grissom on the Hodges case, Maxine, Allie, and Folsom on other cases as they arise. Could this Hodges case last into a second season? Will the show end on a cliffhanger to keep fans coming back? We’ll have to wait and see.