‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Says Sara and Grissom Will Have to ‘Think Outside of the Box’

by Joe Rutland

When it comes time to get down to the nitty-gritty on CSI: Vegas, star Jorja Fox says her character and Grissom will have to adjust.

Fox, who is reprising her OG CSI: Crime Scene Investigation character Sara Sidle, and Gil, also reprised by William Petersen, gotta go differently. She talks about it in an interview with TV Insider.

“They have to do what they do best,” she said of Sara and Gil. “They have to completely think outside the box.”

The CSI: Vegas star adds that the other problem “which I think is a cool plot point in reflecting it against real life, is it’s really hard to take down powerful people and people that are in a position of law enforcement and authority.

Fox said that then becomes “the real challenge and they have to do it without anybody finding out about it.”

Why? Because Sara and Grissom have not been sanctioned by the higher-ups.

“They have Nora Cross and they have Max [played by Paula Newsome] and I think without them, they would not succeed,” Fox said. “But it’s not like they can go out there and be like catch the bad guy, or pick up the walkie-talkie and put out an APB.”

CSI: Vegas airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Talks About Differences With ‘NCIS,’ ‘Law & Order’

Now Outsiders, CSI: Vegas has been a part of the CBS family for a few episodes.

The franchise, of course, has been around much, much longer. When thinking about her show, Fox offered up a couple of different franchise shows, NCIS and Law & Order.

“In every episode, we’ve had a story that resolves within the episode and they’re just going to get better and even crazier,” Fox said.

“My hat really goes off to Jason Tracey, who’s been responsible for developing a lot of these stories,” the CSI: Vegas star said. “I can’t imagine how difficult it really is to come up with fresh stuff after 20 years of three different CSIs and several NCISes and other shows, and even the Law & Orders.”

Show Creator Anthony Zuiker Talks About Ritual He Goes Through Each Day

Anthony Zuiker has been a consistent hand as the show creator throughout the CSI franchise. He also has a long history of working with Petersen and Fox.

So, Zuiker talks about a ritual he does with both actors in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Zuiker said he’s always “the first face Billy sees when he comes to set. I will stand in front of his trailer, until he pulls up, with my script.”

After Petersen shares his thoughts, then Zuiker goes to Fox for her feedback “because sometimes his dialogue affects her dialogue.”