‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Says Sara Is ‘Rusty’ When It Comes to Forensic Work

by Joe Rutland

For old-school fans, it’s been a treat to see Jorja Fox play Sara Sidle again on CSI: Vegas. But it’s interesting what she says about Sara.

What is she saying? Well, Fox talks about her outlook on it along with Gil Grissom, played by Wiliam Petersen, in an interview with TV Insider.

She’s talking about getting back to doing forensic work.

“We were really rusty,” Fox said. “It was really easy to sit back and make fun of the new kids and watch them struggle through learning how to do all this science and talk at the same time.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Said She Enjoyed Watching New Actors Work Out New Techniques

“It was really fun watching them and getting to play rusty, where we don’t know some of these new techniques,” she said. “But then, you’re going to see a little later that we’re actually going to get in there ourselves.”

Fox said she and Petersen stopped laughing on CSI: Vegas when they find themselves in the middle of it.

“We’ve done some of this stuff over the years, but there’s so many new techniques and toys and gadgets that have come out in the last five years,” she said. “It was a real learning process for William and myself as well. And I enjoyed watching him struggle through it too.

“We’re like, what’s this thing? How do you do it?” the CSI: Vegas star said. “Suddenly we had to practice and practice, too.”

CSI: Vegas airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS.

Fox Offers Up What Sara Really Does Think About New Boss Maxine

Outsiders, if you have tuned into this show, then you know that Gil is not leading the band.

Nope. That job on CSI: Vegas goes to Maxine “Max” Roby, played by Paula Newsome.

So, what does Sara think of Maxine? Fox offers her two cents in the TV Insider interview.

The actress said there’s something beautiful right out of the gate between Sarah and Maxine.

“I think they were both women that had been in the trenches for a long time,” Fox said. “And even though they hadn’t met, sometimes in your life, you can look somebody in the eye and you’re just like, ‘OK, this person understands. They understand.’

“That was there in the beginning,” she said. “But I also think Sara does not want to jeopardize Maxine’s place in the lab, nor would she ever want to usurp that authority.”

Fox and Petersen, of course, were core cast members of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

But these two have provided solid work on TV for a period of time. They are cornerstones to the franchise.