‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Says She Felt Nervous Being Around New Cast Members

by Kati Michelle

Spinoffs and revamps are really a grab-bag. Some fall flat while others go on to thrive and actually add something of value. When it comes to the “CSI” universe, “CSI: Vegas” falls into the latter category. Taking the name of the most recent addition to the franchise, it has seen overwhelming success in its first season thus far. The TV ratings continue to climb, which several people attribute to the fact that the franchise brought back some of the OG series’ biggest names. One such name belongs to Jorja Fox.

Jorja Fox brought new life to her Sara Sidle character joined by William Petersen as her longtime partner, Gil Grissom. The “CSI: Vegas” series also brought on a host of new faces for the fans to meet. If fans felt that this took some getting used to, they’re not alone. Apparently, Jorja Fox says she felt equally nervous being around the new cast members.

What the Culture Is Really Like on the Set of ‘CSI: Vegas’

Jorja Fox discussed what the culture is really like on the set of “CSI: Vegas” with Looper recently. And with so many new talents surrounding her, she only had good things to say despite some initial jitters. Fox especially gushed over the new head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab, Maxine “Max” Roby, played by Paula Newsome. You may have seen Newsome on “Barry” or “Chicago Med” previously.

“I was a huge fan of Paula,” Jorja Fox reveals. “So I was a little nervous to work with her at first. She’s so exciting to watch. And they really loaded her up. She’s all of a sudden this genetics expert, and that is not easy. I got to sit back while she did two solid pages of genetics dialogue and had to do all the science at the same time. And she just did it as eloquently as if she was doing a Broadway musical, which is a lot of her background.”

Other newbies include Matt Lauria of “Friday Night Lights” notoriety as Lead Investigator Josh Folsom, Mandeep Dhillon of “After Life” as Crime Scene Investigator Allie Rajan, and Mel Rodriguez of “Last Man on Earth” as Medical Examiner Hugo Ramirez.

“They are so cool,” Fox says of the whole group. “I know that’s easy to say. I find their work electric and mesmerizing to watch. But honest to God, as people, they’re really fun, they’re obviously consummate professionals, and they’re all coming from other really amazing projects.”

How She Really Feels About Reprising Her Role

If you were ever worried about Jorja Fox giving up her character, she just put all those thoughts to rest.

“Sara obviously is my favorite character that I’ve ever played,” Fox relays. “I would never, ever tire of being Sara.”