‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Talks Risk of Most of Sara and Grissom’s Relationship Being Off-Screen

by Lauren Boisvert

As “CSI: Vegas” fans know, Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom have been through a lot together; they’ve dated, broken up, gotten married, divorced, gotten married again, lived on a boat for 6 years, all mostly behind the scenes.

It’s true, there haven’t been a lot of scenes showing Sara and Grissom’s home life; at least not in the original “CSI.” What “CSI: Vegas” aims to do is delve deeper into the characters’ personal relationships and home lives. So, now we get to explore Sara and Grissom’s marriage more. We get to see them supporting each other. For example, when Grissom reveals he’s suffering from “land sickness.” He leans on Sara for support because that’s what married couples do.

In an interview with TV Insider, Jorja Fox spoke about Sara and Grissom’s relationship, and the friendship they cultivate within their marriage. “For William Petersen and I, that is the really, really new piece of the puzzle,” Fox said, speaking of showing their solid relationship on screen. “So much of what happened over those 15 years played offscreen, and it was risky, too. We were like, ‘Oh gosh, are the fans even actually really going to want to see this?'”

Fox goes on to say that there was a time when fans were divided. They didn’t know whether they wanted Sara and Grissom together or not. “You had people who were very much against it, very much for it,” said Fox. “That’s always a good thing, if your audience is passionate one way or the other. It’s always great when they are for you. But even if they’re against you passionately, it means that they’re invested in the story.”

The Risk ‘CSI: Vegas’ Took Bringing Sara and Grissom Back

Jorja Fox also spoke about the risks of bringing back Sara and Grissom as a married couple. “When Sara and Grissom come back together as a couple,” said Fox, “it was a risky decision that [showrunner] Jason Tracey made, but it’s been so fun to play and honestly an homage to long-term love and what does it mean to be with somebody really through the good times and the bad times over an extended period of time.”

Fans getting a glimpse into Sara and Grissom’s life together on “CSI: Vegas” creates more of a personal connection to the characters; one that Jorja Fox shares. “I’m a romantic and I believe in love, and I’ve never had an opportunity to play a long-term relationship like this,” she said. Jorja Fox and William Petersen do a great job reviving their roles. But they’re also growing the characters as they’ve become a married couple. They really portray the fact that they’ve been married and living on a boat for the past 6 years. Although we haven’t seen those years exactly, we’re getting glimpses into what they were like.