‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Talks Sara’s Feelings on Latest Twist

by Lauren Boisvert

The Hodges case has been stretching on for the entirety of “CSI: Vegas” season 1, and Sara and Grissom get closer and closer to their goal; finding out who framed their former colleague. But how is Sara feeling about the case? Is she disheartened by all the setbacks and runarounds? Or is she feeling pretty confident that they have their guy?

Jorja Fox spoke to TV Insider about the latest episode, “Funhouse,” and how Sara’s feeling about the new break in the case. “She thinks maybe this is it,” said Fox. “Kline had a very, very insulated career and so I think when they get that additional clue, I think she thinks, ‘OK, there’s maybe there’s a chance.'”

The additional clue is, of course, the dandruff from Anson Wix that was found on a body. The victim was killed by a copycat of Jeremiah Dalt, who threatened people from prison into killing for him. There’s not enough evidence to convict Wix, though. They’re still speculating that he could be behind Martin Kline’s murder and the Hodges frame-up. But currently, he’s suspect number one.

Anson Wix is a lawyer working the Hodges case. If Hodges is convicted, Wix stands to make a boat-load of money. For that reason, they’re looking at him as a prime suspect. The case is coming closer and closer to a big finish; with only 4 episodes left in the 10 episodes first season, is it possible “CSI: Vegas” could leave fans on a cliffhanger regarding the Hodges case? Could it carry over into a possible second season? Also, what is “CSI: Vegas” going to do to keep fans coming back for that second season?

‘CSI: Vegas’: How the Show Compares to Others

Jorja Fox also spoke about showrunner Jason Tracey and his impact on “CSI” compared to multiple shows in the genre. Tracey has previously written for “Elementary” and “Burn Notice,” and now runs “CSI: Vegas.”

“In every episode, we’ve had a story that resolves within the episode and they’re just going to get better and even crazier,” said Fox of the standalone mysteries. “My hat really goes off to Jason Tracey, who’s been responsible for developing a lot of these stories.”

Fox goes on to talk about the influence shows like “NCIS” and “Law & Order” have had on the genre, and how challenging it can be to create new content. “I can’t imagine how difficult it really is to come up with fresh stuff after 20 years of three different CSIs and several NCISes and other shows, and even the Law & Orders,” said Fox.

She continued, “He continues to come up with original, fresh stories that are just really fascinating.” Jorja Fox is right, the episodes so far have been truly fascinating. Hopefully, “CSI: Vegas” keeps up that momentum for the rest of the season.