‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Warns Grissom and Sara Are at Their Lowest Point

by Joe Rutland

Things are looking bleak for Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle on CSI: Vegas. Well, this is according to Jorja Fox, who plays Sara on the show.

Fox and William Petersen, who plays Gil, reprised their roles from the old-school “Crime Scene Investigation” show. Yet Fox breaks the news about what’s going down between the two of them in a story for Entertainment Tonight Online.

She talks about the upcoming episode called “Funhouse.”

“My favorite episode of ‘when did you really feel it started to gel’ [is] episode 6,” Fox said. “I’ve been excited about all of them, but there are two storylines and it’s almost like a mash-up in a way, where there are two universes that are going to collide and they’re going to start to create a web. And episode 6 is when that really takes off.”

‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Talks About How Viewers Are Finding, Watching Show

Well, Outsiders, that should be something for all of us to keep track of as this show keeps rolling along.

Fox also shared some thoughts about the show’s viewers and their reactions early in this first season of CSI: Vegas.

“Some people have had way more time than they wanted, some people had way less time,” she said. “But there’s a young audience that has found the show, even younger than the audience that we had when we finished.

“Quietly, there’s been people streaming the show and I would’ve had no idea to know that that was happening,” Fox said. “That’s a really big surprise is to see how many people watch the show, really ultimately because of this pandemic.”

Fox pointed out that “there’s so much really good TV to watch, that people are still finding the show and enjoying it means the world.”

Zuiker Talks About His Ritual With Both Lead Stars That Dates Back To O.G. ‘CSI’

CSI: Vegas, besides Petersen and Fox, also has Wallace Langham back as David Hodges. He’s been framed and Gil and Sara are going to find out who did it in this Wednesday’s episode “Let the Chips Fall.”

Next Wednesday, that’s going to be where Funhouse appears on CBS. Catch it at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

Now “CSI” executive producer Anthony Zuiker has been around both Petersen and Fox for 16 seasons. Obviously, that dates back to the O.G. “CSI.” But he has a special ritual that he goes through with the actors.

He tells Entertainment Tonight about it.

Zuiker said that he’s always “the first face Billy sees when he comes to set,” Zuiker says. “I will stand in front of his trailer, until he pulls up, with my script.” After Petersen’s feedback, he’ll go over to Fox’s trailer and get hers “because sometimes his dialogue affects her dialogue.”