‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Mandeep Dhillon Opens Up About Career Path She Wish She Took

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Although she’s now starring on CBS’ new series CSI: Vegas, Mandeep Dhillon admits she has another career in mind besides acting. 

During her recent interview with Hollywood Life, the CSI: Vegas actress declared that while her character, Allie Rajan, is very into science, she herself is the complete opposite. “I’m not intelligent when it comes to science. I wasn’t in science in school and I wish I was. Because I wanted to be an astronaut at one point. But I had to be good at science for that.”

Mandeep Dhillon stated that heard about the original CSI series, which aired from 2000 to 2015, but didn’t actually know the scale of the show. Prior to her joining the new show, Dhillon was in TV series such as After Life, Zap, Bulletproof, 24, and The Good Karma Hospital. She was also involved in the Star Wars franchise as Lieutenant Garan in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. 

While also discussing the connection between her character Allie and Matt Lauria’s Josh Folsom, the CSI: Vegas star stated, “They get on well as friends. But also love solving crimes together too. Towards the end of the season, I think their work dynamic just gets stronger.”

The CSI: Vegas castmate also declared that there may be some personal stuff that might pop up. However, The actress then stated Allie’s personal life towards the end of the show’s first season will turn more directly towards her boyfriend, Mark, who is played Rich Ceraulo Ko. “We will get to meet him and delve a bit deeper into their dynamic, which of course, will affect Allie and Josh’s dynamic, too.”

Mandeep Dhillon Reveals That ‘CSI: Vegas’ Is a Huge Opportunity for Her Acting Career

During a recent interview with Pop-Culturalist, Mandeep Dhillon spoke about the opportunity she now has on CSI: Vegas. “Definitely getting CSI: Vegas was great because I really wanted to come out and live in Los Angeles.”

The CSI: Vegas star also reflected on her first-ever job.  She even stated that even to this day she still gets the same feelings she got back then even now. “It never gets old.”

Along with her acting career, the CSI: Vegas actress also revealed that she’s a writer. “It’s so helpful to write because I will act it out as I’m writing it sometimes. That’s really helpful. Acting has helped my writing. Reading other people’s work and script, you can’t help but learn the structure of what works for whatever kind of storytelling you want.”

The actress goes on to add that she has her acting career to help with her writing. “Most writers start off writing, so they don’t receive scripts for auditions. It’s all brand new to them, whereas I feel like it’s given me a head start.”