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‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Mandeep Dhillon Says Allie Is Trying to ‘Uncover the Truth’

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On the latest “CSI: Vegas,” the team encountered a horse covered in blood, which led them through a tough case. We learned a bit more about Josh Folsom, in that he loves horses. But what about Allie Rajan? What do we know about her?

Apparently, we’ll dive deeper into Allie’s personal life closer to the end of the season. Potentially, Josh and Allie’s sweet office romance could bloom into something serious, and then she has to confront her boyfriend. Purely speculation, though. It would be nice if her character wasn’t just boiled down to a love interest; Mandeep Dhillon, who plays Allie, doesn’t think she’s like that, though.

According to Dhillon, Allie is “career-driven” on “CSI: Vegas.” Peel back the layers of romantic interest, and she’s just a scientist through and through. In the latest episode, “In the Blood,” crime lab boss Maxine Roby was actually demoted for checking up on the Hodges case. The case was taken from Sara and Grissom to prevent conflict of interest, even though they’re technically still working on it.

“[Allie] knows that Maxine isn’t in the wrong here and that she is just trying to find out the truth like everyone else,” Dhillon told Hollywood Life. “Allie definitely thinks it’s unfair.” If pressed, Allie will come to Maxine’s defense; Maxine definitely has good people in her corner.

In the next episode, Undersheriff Wyatt replaces Maxine for the time being, and the team is not thrilled. They “sort of have no choice but to keep on following the evidence,” Dhillon said of the change. “Rules suck!”

‘CSI: Vegas’: What Will Sara and Grissom Do Without Maxine?

With Maxine demoted on “CSI: Vegas”, Sara and Grissom have lost their biggest ally. Maxine is the one who let them get away with investigating the Hodges case even though they weren’t allowed to. She started the whole thing; bringing Grissom on as an “entomological consultant” to investigate animal cruelty when they found the dead dog.

So, with no Maxine, what will Sara and Grissom do? They have to branch out on their own and keep things on the hush hush now. This definitely makes it harder to convict their suspect. They know who it is (Anson Wix, prosecutor for the Hodges case) but how can they present their evidence when they’re not even supposed to be on the case?

Sara and Grissom are getting closer and closer to the truth with every “CSI: Vegas” episode. I predict the team will have to come together to support Sara and Grissom; so far, they’ve been doing their own thing solving mysteries-of-the-week. With only three episodes left, they’ll have to follow the evidence right to the edge. Hopefully, there’s someone to catch them when they fall off of it.