‘CSI: Vegas’ Stars Play Two Truths and a Lie

by Megan Molseed

The CSI: Vegas investigators deal with quite a few lies regularly as they work diligently to solve a variety of crimes. But, how do the stars of the show fare when it comes to sorting out what is the truth and what is a lie?

Recently, stars of the hit CBS series Mandeep Dhillon and Matt Lauria came together to play a game of “Two Truths and a Lie.”

Well, their version of the popular game which they like to call “Two Truths and a CSI.”

And, thankfully, the CSI: Vegas Twitter page let us play along as the actors tried to sort out the truths from the lie.

Matt Lauria who plays CSI: Vegas agent Joshua Folsom is ready to go from jump in the hilarious video. Even before “Two Truths and a CSI” gets underway.

Which ‘CSI’ Star is Lying?

As Mandeep Dhillon, who portrays agent Allie Rajan on the series introduces the video, Lauria hilariously jumps in, declaring Dhillon’s obvious truths to be a lie.

“Hi, my name is Mandeep Dhillon and I play…” the actress says in the video’s introduction just as Lauria jumps in, declaring this to be the actress’s “lie.”

“Lie,” says Lauria as Dhillon can’t help but laugh. “That’s the lie.”

‘CSI: Vegas’ Stars Are Ready To Pinpoint the Lie

Once the game officially gets underway fans of the hit CBS series are treated to some interesting facts about the two CSI: Vegas actors.

First up, Matt Lauria lists two truths about himself and one lie.

The actor tells Dhillon that he was a professional clown.

Next, Lauria tells his CSI: Vegas costar that he can jump over something that sits chest high. Finally, Lauria says that while in Bali, a monkey jumped on his wife Michelle’s shoulders, and he threw the monkey.

Mandeep Dhillon didn’t need too long to figure out which of these statements is a lie. She knows her costar too well.

“I think the lie might be the monkey thing,” Dhillon says.

Lauria tells his costar that she is correct.

“I would never throw a monkey,” the CSI: Vegas star tells Dhillon.

Next, it’s Mandeep Dhillon’s turn to try and trick Lauria with her two truths and one lie.

First, the CSI: Vegas actress says she used to work “in a hairdressers.”

Next, Mandeep Dhillon says that she competed in a badminton tournament. Finally, the actress tells Lauria that she dropped out of school.

While Dhillon spotted Lauria’s lie right away, Lauria didn’t have the same easy time sorting out Dhillon’s untruth.

“Uh, the hairdresser?” guesses Lauria.

“No!” responds Dhillon. As it turns out, the lie was that she dropped out of school.

So, Mandeep Dhillon won the round. She did make sure to tell her CSI: Vegas costar that if he ever needs his hair colored, she would be happy to do it.

“I will definitely take you up on that,” Lauria says while shaking his head no to the camera.