‘CSI: Vegas’: The Hunt Is on for Hodges in New Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert

For the “CSI: Vegas” squad, it’s “crunch time,” according to Maxine Roby. A new trailer for the finale episode shows everyone kicking it into high gear in the search for Hodges. He’s gone missing, run away, or kidnapped; Sara seems to think the latter, but Grissom tells her not to speculate. Sara’s never really been one to make wild accusations without the evidence to back it up, but sometimes she does let her emotions rule her.

The video is full of quick flashes of intense images that paint the picture that this is serious for the team now. It’s go-time, everything needs to come together, or it’s all going to fall apart around them. In the previous episode, Hodges either ran away or was kidnapped, after releasing a suspicious-looking video confessing to the accusations against him.

The team is leading more towards kidnapped, and I am too after watching the promo; there’s a moment where someone throws their head back and yells in pain, and they look a lot like Hodges.

So, we’re here at the end of the season, and nothing has fallen into place yet. There are so many loose ends that the team may as well be tripping over them. Hopefully, the finale ties some of those ends up, but leaves some loose as well; looking at you to renew the show for season 2, CBS. A cliffhanger would be ideal, but only if there’s going to be another season. If they leave us all hanging, fans are going to go wild.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Could Someone Die in the Finale?

There’s been some speculation floating around that Hodges may die in the “CSI: Vegas” finale. That could either help or harm the series.

Ending on Hodges’ death would straight up be a major bummer, not just for the characters, but for fans as well. We’ve been watching Sara, Grissom, and Maxine trying to clear his name for the entire season so far. To just end with him dead would put a major damper on the excitement of the finale. It wouldn’t be fair, and it would leave too many holes in the plot.

On the other hand, if the show is renewed for a second season, Hodges’ death could be the catalyst for a new investigation. The team would have to work harder to restore the crime lab‘s reputation. On the other hand, who wants a whole new season of the same stuff from the last season? Maybe just a few episodes from season 2, and then a new storyline.

So far there’s no news that “CSI: Vegas” will be renewed for a season 2. It was only supposed to be a limited series, meaning one season, but I’ve got my fingers crossed there will be more.