‘CSI: Vegas’ Urges Fans to ‘Saddle Up’ for Next Episode With Heart-Pumping New Sneak Peek

by Jonathan Howard

Get your popcorn ready for a new episode of CSI: Vegas with a bloody setup. This one looks a little messy, but the team is ready. This heart-pumping sneak peek is sure to get viewers excited about the next episode.

The clip opens up with Maxine, Joshua, and Allie making their way across a parking lot of some kind. Director Roby, played by Paula Newsome, gives some basic information about the reason they were there. They got a call, so they showed up. What they found, in the words of Folsom, looked like a sign of the apocalypse. A white horse and on either side of it, it was covered in blood. A lot of it too.

So, of course, Folsom goes up to the animal and gets it to calm down. It takes everyone by surprise. He inspects the horse and what he finds is quite a twist. Check out the teaser video below. The official CSI: Vegas Twitter account shared it earlier today.

Folsom checks the animal over and discovers no wounds on the horse. That is surprising given all the blood. It really took Allie and Maxine by surprise. However, he explained why he was able to calm the horse.

“My dad used to drag me to the track. Got me a job cleaning stables so I could feed him gambling tips. I loved it. Thought it was my future,” Folsom explained. “I wanted to be a large animal vet.”

So, we have a horse whisperer now on CSI: Vegas. Something for fans to remember for future reference. With just one boot left in the stirrups, it is clear that a violent crime has been committed. The question is, where is the victim and how did this happen in the first place?

‘CSI: Vegas’ Fans Only Interested in One Relationship

Even looking at the CSI: Vegas teaser trailer on Twitter, you can tell what fans are worried about. There isn’t much talk about the bloody horse or anything like that in the replies to the tweet. In fact, most of the replies seem to be oblivious to the sneak peek in the clip.

No, fans aren’t worried about the three gallons of blood that are on that horse. Instead, they want to know when they are going to see Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom go official with one another. Of course, most of the relationship is off-camera due to the sensitive nature of the situation. They have not been approved by higher-ups for the relationship.

Throughout the replies, there were folks asking when they would see the two kiss, or see them embrace on screen. It is one of the things that CSI: Vegas viewers are obsessed with. The history between the two characters is undeniable with the many years they did spend together. But, fans will just have to wait some more for “GSR” to go public.