‘CSI: Vegas’: Watch This Gripping Teaser Ahead of Tomorrow Night’s New Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

The “CSI: Vegas” team is having a little fun on a crime scene in this new sneak peek from Wednesday’s new episode. Josh Folsom, Allie Rajan, and Chris Park are inside what looks to be a cargo plane collecting evidence and blood samples and the like. Park asks for some chatter from the team, and suggests playing Never Have I Ever.

“It’s a drinking game,” Folsom explains to Allie when she expresses confusion. “You say something you’ve never done, if the other person has, they gotta drink. Or, y’know, chart blood.”

Folsom starts the game off by saying “Never have I ever been to England.” Allie gives him a look and says, “You got me there.” Then she replies, “Never have I ever been to a football game.”

Park replies, “Football football, or soccer?” Allie says, “Both,” and Park looks away with a sad “Oh,” thinking he got Allie in that one.

There’s a moment where, apparently, Allie once rapped in a middle school talent show (hoping we get to see that video later). Then, Folsom kicks it up a notch by saying, “Never have I ever seen an FBI agent so interested in our boss.”

Freezeframe, record scratch. There’s an FBI agent interested in Maxine? There’s been nothing to hint that this has happened in previous episodes, so the mysterious agent must be introduced in the upcoming episode, titled “Let the Chips Fall.”

Allie says, “Caught that too, huh?” while Park says, “He seems like a good dude, she should go for it.” In an equally interesting turn of events, Allie says that’s a terrible idea and get flustered when her teammates ask her why. “Just mixing work and…nevermind,” she trails off. But the scene ends with Park giving her and Folsom knowing looks behind their backs.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Folsom and Allie’s ‘Puppy Love’ and Sara and Grissom’s Kiss

There’s been some speculation that Folsom and Allie are going to have a little romance thrown their way on “CSI: Vegas.” This scene sort of proves that their coworkers are starting to pick up on something between them.

This aspect of their relationship comes with the new deep-dives into the characters’ personal lives that “CSI: Vegas is taking. In contrast to the original show, there are going to be personal moments with the characters. “You will see a deeper dive into the puppy love relationship between Folsom and Allie,” executive producer Anthony Zuiker has said. “You’ll see some of the quibbles of Grissom and Sara with their long marriage.”

Speaking of Sara and Grissom’s long marriage; there was one scene that “CSI: Vegas” teased before completely omitting it from the show, and fans are furious. Apparently, there was supposed to be a kiss shared between Sara and Grissom, the first of the new show. But, when it came to the end of the episode and the kiss wasn’t there, fans took umbrage. Hopefully, fans don’t hold that grudge too long, or viewership might dip.