‘CSI: Vegas’: Will the Finale Bring a Tragic Death?

by Lauren Boisvert

“CSI: Vegas” is getting down to the wire on the Hodges case, and things have just gone from bad to catastrophically worse. Now, Hodges has apparently run off, after making a confession video and cutting off his ankle monitor. Sara and Grissom aren’t convinced, though, and believe that something else is at play.

With Hodges missing, could “CSI: Vegas” be looking to kill him off? It would be a shock, that’s for sure; Sara, Grissom, and Maxine have been working this entire season to clear his name and save the crime lab. For him to die now would be a huge blow to the crime lab’s reputation.

It would also be a huge let-down to end the season on Hodges’ death just in general. CinemaBlend makes the case for it being a total bummer to kill off Hodges, as Sara, Grissom, and Max have been doing the absolute most to clear him. It would feel like, “okay, we did all this work just for him to die? What gives?”

But, if “CSI: Vegas” wants to kill someone off, Hodges is the perfect character to kill. He’s just on the outside enough for his death to not impact the main cast and storylines too much. The characters will be upset, but the lineup will ultimately stay the same. It’ll throw a huge wrench in the investigation, but ultimately everyone will be fine.

‘CSI: Vegas’: So Many Loose Ends, So Little Time

“CSI: Vegas” was originally ordered for only one season, and there hasn’t been any word that CBS is renewing it yet. If they end season 1 with Hodges dying and no season 2, fans are going to riot in the streets. There’s nothing fulfilling about that. If they kill Hodges and then leave it as a cliffhanger into season 2, that might work.

But with the end of season 1 closing in, how are all the loose ends going to tie up? What about Allie and Folsom and their glacially-paced romance? In the last episode, we met Allie’s boyfriend Mark, and oh, boy, is he something else. Dull as a doorknob, that one. He was disturbed by the crime scene photos Allie had hanging around, and tried to find her a new job without consulting her. She was reasonably angry with him about that, then was angry with Folsom for not giving his opinion when she asked for it. A stark contrast to his usual demeanor.

Eventually, Hugo mentioned to Allie what we were all thinking: she needs to break up with him. He’s not fulfilling her mentally or emotionally, and she can’t be with someone who doesn’t challenge her. Are Allie and Folsom going to actually do something about their attraction to each other before the season ends? Are we even going to get another season to see them resolve anything? Right now, things aren’t looking so good.