‘CSI’ Went Dark in Season 4 With One Creepy Moment

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

CBS’s hit series, CSI didn’t intend to be scary for its audience. But one scene in season 4 said otherwise. People are still talking about this moment today.

CSI or Crime Scene Investigation first aired on-screen in 2000. It ended in 2015 with over 300 episodes and fans are still watching reruns of it on streaming services. Additionally, each episode features murder cases and some occasional violent scenes. So, Gil Grissom’s team has to look for evidence to uncover the mysteries.

Also, the show’s growth in popularity influenced multiple spin-offs, such as CSI: Miami and CSI: New York. These new versions of the show follows a new crew of investigators in a different city. It takes fans on a whole new adventure with discovering crime in other cities.

The Creepiest Scene in All of Season 4

However, the original CSI has had some dark times throughout its fourth season. Some would say this scene is so creepy that it just might be the most frightening one.

Season 4, Episode 3 of CSI’s “Homebodies” has the thrill of a lifetime. Furthermore, Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes are investigating the attack on a teenage girl named Suzanna. However, they learn that there isn’t just one attacker throughout their investigation. After discovering who the attackers are, Police officials bring them in for further discussions.

One of Suzanna’s attackers is let go, which ends up being a huge mistake. Since she didn’t speak up when she had the chance, the original attacker murdered her. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes when this episode ended. The idea of a murderer being released creeped several audience members out.

All in all, when you know that a murderer is out running free, it leaves you suspicious with what could happen next. And the killing of Suzanna made fans jump out of their seats.

What Some of the Original CSI Cast Is Up To Now

After the end of every hit show, fans always wonder what the cast members are up to. Well, Looper reportedly acknowledged the details for us on that. Are you ready to hear about what your favorite crime investigators are up to nowadays?

George Eads, formerly known as Nick Stokes in the series, starred in every CSI show, but one. He took a leave of absence from CSI in 2013. Otherwise he would have starred in all of them. Now, he’s going to star in The Battle of Jangsari with Megan Fox.

On the other hand, Jorja Fox portrayed our favorite character, Sara Sidle. She is known as the longest-running woman on CSI with almost 300 episodes to her name. Nowadays, she is the co-founder of a theatre company in Los Angeles called Honeypot Productions.