‘CSI’: Why Did Paul Guilfoyle Leave the Show?

by Taylor Cunningham

Here’s why one lead CSI star left the show after a 14-year run.

Since the first episode, Paul Guilfoyle played in the now-canceled hit drama CSI. The actor was one of the show’s top-billed stars. In fact, he appeared in 317 episodes.

Guilfoyle played Captain Jim Brass, a lead homicide detective who helped the CSI team solve their cases. While on the job, the stoic but kind officer interrogated and arrested the suspects.

During season 14, the character ended up leaving the force so he could take care of his mentally ill daughter who nearly killed him while going on a murderous rampage. And of course, that was the end of Paul Guilfoyle’s CSI run.

So why did the actor leave?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Guilfoyle didn’t have a choice in the matter. The producers decided that the character had played himself out. And Guilfoyle only learned about the decision a week before the series announced his exit.

But despite the somewhat unfair write-off, Guilfoyle’s CSI career didn’t end there. The actor made it back for the series finale in 2015. And more recently, Paul Guilfoyle reprised Jim Brass for two episodes of the new spinoff CSI: Vegas.

His character effectively begins the new CSI: Vegas story when he asks Sara Sidle to help uncover the truth after he’s attacked during the pilot episode. The mystery ends up being the catalyst that gets the former teammates back on the job.

Jorja Fox Still Hasn’t Decided if She’ll Return To ‘CSI: Vegas’ Season 2

CSI: Vegas has officially been renewed for a second season. But Jorja Fox is unsure if she’ll continue to reprise her role.

The series, which is a reboot of the original CSI, united new characters with the two fan-favorite originals, Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox). The plot starts with an attack on an old friend, Jim Brass. And as agents investigate the crime, they uncover a plot that could bring down the entire crime lab.

The show was an instant hit, and it didn’t take long for CBS to approve a second round. But despite all of the success, William Petersen decided to retire his character. And According to Deadline, Jorja Fox is still on the fence.

Petersen will remain will CSI: Vegas as an executive producer, but he’s decided his time on-screen is over. And Jorja Fox’s contract allows her to return for a second season if she chooses, but she isn’t obligated to stay. However, sources say that the series hopes to keep Sara Sidle for at least one more season. And we hope that she sticks around longer.

We’ll have to wait and see if Sara will continue to work in the crime lab without her husband, Gil. But in the meantime, you can still watch both of them solving crimes every Wednesday on CBS.