‘CSI’: Why Jim Brass Was One of the Show’s Most Tragic Characters

by Chase Thomas

CSI continues to be one of the most iconic television shows today. The show continues to soar on CBS, with spin-offs also coming into the fold in recent years. One of the reasons the show has maintained its strong audience is the abundance of characters the show has introduced over the years. Each had its own interesting story and character development.

One of those characters was Jim Brass. This character was one of the more tragic characters on the show to begin with. Well, his character and subsequent ending were a tough situation. So, some users on Reddit have been talking about the character. What made him so tragic.

The original poster wrote on the site, “First, his wife cheats on him with one of his coworkers which results in Ellie being an affair child. Despite that, he stays married to her and sees Ellie like his own daughter 100%. He and his wife end up divorcing anyway. His daughter ends up having a —— relationship with him. Ellie ends up being a prostitute. Being a cop, he almost dies a few times. Ellie ends up being a freaking spree killer and even murders her mom. I don’t remember if Ellie wanted to kill Brass as well, I think she did. Brass ends up retiring because he still wanted to take care of her while she is in prison. Now Brass is legally blind from Fuchs corneal disease. All that and he still has a sense of humor. What a guy. And that’s only what we saw on CSI.”

That’s hard to top. He was dealt a bad hand on the show. His family life especially. Still, like the OP points out, he did find the humor in things even with how bleak everything else got around him.

Another user wrote, “I lov Brass. He deserved better.” A lot of the comments came in support of him, but they mostly agreed with the OP that his story was one of the more tragic ones.

Ted Danson on ‘CSI’

Outside of Brass, Ted Danson was another iconic character on the program. His role was another fan-favorite. When asked about his role on the program and why it worked out for so many years, he said, “One of the reasons why this show is still on the air after 300 episodes is because they do as well on the 300th episode as they did on the first. The writers, the producers give the audience an airtight forensic mystery based 90% on science, so you get to play along and try to discover in a legitimate way who did this crime.”

He concluded, “You try to solve it yourself. It’s beautifully shot and you have grown to love these actors that have been with you for 300 episodes. So it’s a really tight ship and it’s really well done and people still are enjoying it all around the world, so I am really, really, really proud to be part of this show.”

Folks want to keep solving cases and spending time with the cast of CSI.