‘CSI’: Why Marg Helgenberger Left the Show

by Samantha Whidden

She departed from CSI after 12 seasons, but fans have always wondered why Marg Helgenberger made the decision to leave the show?

According to Looper, the answer is simple: Helgenberger left CSI to pursue other acting projects. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2012, she stated, “I instinctively felt it was time to end that chapter in my career. I’m 53 now. And I feel like I’m still young enough to switch it up.”

The CSI alum also told the media outlet at the time that she didn’t have the energy she did when she first started the series when she was 41 years old. “In that 12-year span, there were lots of changes in my life.”

When asked what her takeaway from the CSI experience was, Helgenberger explained it is the creative, collaboration camaraderie. “The executive of a great idea in television that involves so many people. And to sustain that for as many years as we have takes a group of people that are incredibly dedicated, passionate, and committed. Who enjoy each other’s company.”

In regards to having any projects lined up post-CSI, Helgenberger admitted she didn’t have any new work. “I’ve been in meetings — a possible television series. I’d like to do some movies. Doing a musical comedy would be a lot of fun.”

According to IMDb, following her time on CSI, Helgenberger took on various roles, including A Dog’s Journey, Almost Friends, Under the Dome, and Intelligence. Her most recent project was All Rise. 

‘CSI’ Alum Marg Helgenberger Opens Up About the Early Days of Her Career 

Also while chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, CSI alum Marg Helgenberger recalled the early days of her acting career. “I got the bug in high school. But in terms of thinking this could be a possibility, it was [A Streetcar Named Desire] production and that role.”

The CSI star also shared that she has been a shy person and acting gave her the opportunity to express herself. “I enjoy bringing material to life and playing off other people. I still do. Even if we didn’t like the location or the cold or the hour of the night, I always loved being with the CSI cast. That was one of the reasons that made it so special and why it was so hard to leave.”

In regards to her favorite roles, the CSI actress added, “K.C. was a good one. I love [CSI‘s] Catherine Willows. Who could not love Blanche DuBois? The role I had in Erin Brockovich was a very good one — small but meaty and emotionally charged. It set the whole story in motion.”