‘Daily Show’ Star Doesn’t Think ‘Home Alone’ Is a Christmas Movie

by Jonathan Howard

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. of the Daily Show took time to give some hot takes about what is and what isn’t a Christmas movie this season.

Wood can usually be seen doing sketches and bits alongside Trevor Noah on the Comedy Central parody news show. We have heard of all of the debates about Die Hard. However, Wood took time to go after a few cult classics. Not even Home Alone is safe from his criticism.

When it comes to the Bruce Willis classic, the comedian is in agreement that it is a Christmas movie. “It ain’t Christmas [until] Bruce Willis starts crawling through that vent.”

Then he went in on the Macaulay Culkin classic. This one is going to ruffle some feathers.

“Nope. Not a Christmas movie,” he said. “Home Alone is a movie about child abandonment and a neglectful mother. Home Alone is basically white people Precious.”

Now, let’s remember folks, Roy Wood Jr. is a comedian. The Daily Show is a parody show, and these are mostly jokes. He isn’t wrong about the mother in Home Alone. She lost her son enough for two movies to be made about it!

Other Movies That Didn’t Make the Cut for Roy Wood Jr. on ‘Daily Show’

Now The Daily Show star went in on some other films as well. There are a lot of movies and specials that folks watch around the holidays. Not everyone always agrees on what is a must-watch and what is or isn’t a Christmas movie. So, perhaps Roy Wood Jr. is helping us more than we think.

The next film that was on the chopping block for the comedian, Gremlins—the story about cute pets that turn into demons if you mishandle them. As far as Wood is concerned, this is a Christmas movie.

As for The Revenant, that is a Christmas movie for the Daily Show star. Only because it is about a bearded man walking through the snow.

So, What Does Make A Movie A Christmas Movie?

Now, we know that Wood wasn’t 100% serious with his takes about Christmas movies. However, it does beg the question, what does make a movie a Christmas movie?

I think it comes down to a few things. You can have movies like Die Hard or Gremlins that could take place during any time of year. However, the fact that it is specifically centered around the holiday makes it count for most people.

Then, there are the classic specials like Frosty that are integral to the holiday season and the history of the season in American media. There are usually songs associated with them. And, finally you have movies like Harry Potter that have Christmas scenes in them and have made the entire series a holiday tradition. The Daily Show might disagree though.