‘Dallas’ Star Audrey Landers Remembers ‘Amazing Bond’ With the Rest of the Cast

by Joe Rutland

Actress Audrey Landers appeared to enjoy her time on the CBS hit Dallas. In fact, she has a sweet, wonderful memory of being with the cast.

Landers, who played Afton Cooper on the extremely popular Friday night drama based in Texas, talked about that in a recent interview. Fox News caught up with the actress and asked her about being on the show and its cast.

“We had an amazing bond,” Landers, who was a popular actress along with sister Judy Landers, said. “We were just in a great place. (And) We were the number-one show for so many years.”

‘Dallas’ Actress Gives High Marks To The Drama’s ‘Talented Writers and Actors’

The actress says that the show “had so many talented writers and actors.” Landers also says, “We had an amazing crew and everyone was really supportive of each other. And I think that enhanced the bond that we all shared.”

So, Friday nights used to be must-see TV when it came to Dallas. Everyone had to see what was going to happen with an original bad guy like J.R. Ewing, played magnificently by Larry Hagman.

As for Landers, she and her sister Judy were quite popular back in the 1980s. They did appear in a number of TV shows and specials over the decade. Heck, they even found themselves appearing in a non-nude layout in Playboy back in the day.

Audrey Landers has gone on to produce television shows for children. She also has recorded albums that have been released in Europe. Dallas remains quite a popular show in the world of reruns.

Show’s Stars Actually Thought About Making A Comedy Version

Can you imagine having that iconic TV show turned into a comedy? Well, it seems that Hagman and Patrick Duffy, who played Bobby Ewing on the drama, actually did talk about doing such a thing.

It all gets laid down for people to think about as Hagman and Duffy chatted it up in 2012 with The Hollywood Reporter. Hagman and Duffy spoke about the Dallas spin-offs and related projects. Hagman believed there would be an immediate follow-up out of Dallas.

Duffy then says: “Larry and I thought, wouldn’t it be kind of fun to do an Airplane! version of Dallas with the whole original cast …” Well, it appears that no one wanted to do it.

“Nobody wanted to screw with the iconic nature of the show, so we could never convince people to do it,” Duffy says. “I personally never really thought that Dallas would resurrect itself again because I didn’t think anyone knew how to do it.”

That actually would be a pretty funny thing to see but no one could play J.R. now since Hagman is no longer alive.