‘Dallas’ Star Audrey Landers Teases New Project With One of Her Sons

by Jacklyn Krol

Dallas star Audrey Landers revealed that she has a new project with one of her sons.

In a new interview with Fox News, she discussed her current projects and what life has been like for her during the pandemic.

“Life is always busy for me,” she admitted. “We’re living in very strange and challenging times. I am grateful that I am in the position that I’m in. We’ve all had hardships and losses, so I do feel very blessed that I’ve been able to pursue what I love and be so closely connected with my family.”

The Dallas alum then revealed that she is collaborating with her son on a “dark pop music film and stage production.”

She added, “It’s been really exciting and rewarding. So we’ve been spending a lot of time together. … I also have my other son home with me. We’ve been able to have this family time in a way that we didn’t have before. We love being together as a family, so I truly feel blessed for everything. I’m so proud of my children and all of their accomplishments. And I’m so thrilled that I can continue to pursue what I love.”

How She Landed the ‘Dallas’ Role

Obviously, Dallas is one of the most iconic shows of its time. Creating a cast that fits so well together was no easy task. Landers recalled to the outlet how she landed the role of Afton Cooper.

“They were auditioning a lot of girls, and the role was originally set for two episodes,” she recalled. “I was lucky enough to get an audition. I had asked friends to videotape some episodes for me on their home VCRs so I can catch up and get a tone of the acting.”

Landers added, “I found a costume – and I call it a costume because it was so different from my prior wholesome characters – but it was a very flirty costume. When I read for the role, I wore it. There were so many other hopeful actresses of course. Then you have to experience those nail-biting moments like waiting for a callback. I was so lucky that I got that call.”

She ended up doing research and homework to create a full person in the Dallas world. It wasn’t until she already had the role that the show creators discovered that she was a musician.

She was playing music on the piano when the show’s producer overheard her. He then decided to write her character as someone who could sing and play.