‘Dallas’ Star Beth Toussaint Described Her Other Talents

by Maria Hartfield

American actress and model Beth Toussaint has starred in a number of roles throughout her career, but acting isn’t her only talent. The actress turned mom and interior designer looks back on her film career with pride.

Toussaint played Tracey Lawton on the series, Dallas. You may not remember her on the show. After all, over its 14 seasons on the air, it can be hard to recall the many characters that appeared in the series. Tracey Lawton was the daughter of Carter McKay (George Kennedy) as well as becoming a brief love interest for Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy). Touissant appears in 17 episodes of the series across seasons 12 and 13. Overall, the primetime soap opera aired for a whopping 13 years.

Turns out, Beth didn’t bring a ton of experience with her before her time on Dallas. However, she did appear in several music videos. In her time post-Dallas, Touissant went on to appear in several other series, including Star Trek: The Next Generation21 Jump Street, MatlockCheersMelrose Place, and Savannah.

Shortly after she left her role as Tracey Lawton on Dallas, Beth Toussaint continued acting in a number of other popular shows. Ultimately, she decided to leave the Hollywood scene retiring from her acting career in the 2000s. Prior to leaving the movie business, Beth’s more recent appearances feature her in the film Red Eye, starring Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy. Additionally, she earned a recurring role on the long-running drama The Young and the Restless as Hope Adams Wilson.

So, what has life looked like for the former star outside of her acting gigs?

Where Is Beth Toussaint Now?

Beth Toussaint left the celebrity life behind. Instead, she honed in on a whole new gig as a mother, photographer, and interior designer.

Her Instagram bio read, “Used to act. Gave it up for a kid.” It continues citing, “Now photograph, flip, design, style, and mix.” Toussaint shares some of her more recent interior design work via the social media channel.

In June 2021, Toussaint took to Instagram to share in celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary with husband, actor Jack Coleman.

It reads, “In sickness and in health. Thanks for holding up your end of the bargain, Mr. Coleman,” she wrote. “Happy 25th Anniversary! I love U forever.”

The couple shares one child together. Their 22-year-old daughter, Tess.

The former actress reflects on her acting career remembering all the good times. In 2020, she posted a throwback photo of herself on the set of Dallas riding a horse with the caption:

“Awwwww, youth #repost #TBT to the very beginning and simpler time. Young and healthy and getting paid to ride a horse at Southfork Ranch. Not a bad first series regular gig. And, believe me, I KNEW how fortunate I was! (especially as a brand new actor) Where do people find this stuff?!”