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‘Dallas’ Star Leigh Taylor-Young Opened Up About Time on Show

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Starlett Leigh Taylor-Young has had a lot of experience in Hollywood. But some of her favorite memories come from her work on Dallas.

The 76-year-old actress first found fame when she played Rachel Wells in Peyton Place. And after starring in the 1960s drama, Taylor-Young had her pick of iconic series and films.

Some of her most notable projects were Soylent Green, Picket Fences, and Sunset Beach. She even had a stint on the original 90210. But out of all of her gigs, Dallas may be her favorite. And it was all because of her character’s lavish lifestyle.

“I did 21 shows of Dallas as Kimberly Cryder,” she wrote on her personal website, Love Light LTY. ” I was home only a week, then on a plane to Dallas, Texas. And I was rapidly immersed in shopping for Kimberly’s wardrobe. She was very rich, and it was the eighties, so courtierère clothing was the order of the day. What fun for me! We bought gorgeous clothes, and the Dallas wardrobe designer, Nancy Renard, lent her extraordinary eye to the fine tuning.”

Leigh Taylor-Young on her Favorite ‘Dallas’ Scenes

In the show, Kimberly Cryder was married to a rich oil exec and was also having an affair with lead character J.R. Ewing. And she had a lot of fun with J.R.’s actor, Larry Hagman, who passed in 2012. In fact, two of her favorite scenes were played alongside him.

The first stemmed from an embarrassing situation that left a lasting impression. As Leigh Taylor-Young continued on her website, she told a story about one of her first days on set. She was filming with Hagman inside a restaurant. And they were drinking real champagne.

However, Taylor-Young wasn’t much of a drinker. So after a few sips of the bubbly, she got a bit drunk. Luckily, nothing too embarrassing happened, so she looks back fondly on the memory.

And her second favorite scene also involved alcohol. But that time, she didn’t get drunk. She just really appreciated the absurdity of the situation.

“There is…one wonderful scene we did where I once again drank champagne with Larry,” she added. “I was in a huge bubble bath, drinking and eating bon-bons. My hair was up in a very Rita Hayworth way, my nails were long and red and I was negotiating a business deal for millions of dollars, manipulating JR with sense and sensuality. It remains one of my favorite and most outrageous scenes.”

Leigh Taylor-Young continued to work in Hollywood until 2011. That year, she had her final on-screen credit in Wayshower. But this year, the actress is getting back into her career.

Recently, Taylor-Young announced that she’ll be starring as Gail St. John in the Showtime series American Gigolo.