‘Dallas’ Star Patrick Duffy Calls Show the Best Job He Ever Had: Here’s Why

by Megan Molseed

Surely fans of the wildly popular and long-running nighttime drama series Dallas know exactly who Patrick Duffy is. The longtime actor portrayed Bobby Ewing in the prime-time soap which entertained fans across an impressive three decades between 1978 and 1991.

Never short of drama, conflict, or shocking twists, Dallas follows the trials and tribulations of a Texas oil tycoon family on their ranch.

In the series, Patrick Duffy portrayed the big-hearted and handsome Bobby Ewing. Bobby was nice, and kind, and tried to stay away from the greediness that the family’s oil could bring in the form of unprecedented riches.

This, of course, was in stark contrast to Bobby Ewing’s brother on Dallas, J.R. Ewing who was portrayed by the late Larry Hagman.

‘Dallas’ Stars May Fight On-Screen, But It Was Nothing But Love Behind The Scenes

While much of the primetime soap opera series depended on the battles that developed between the big-hearted Bobby Ewing and the unscrupulous dealings of his brother, J.R., the two actors were extremely close in real life. And the friendship he developed with his costar, Patrick Duffy notes, is part of what makes Dallas the “best job” he ever had.

“It was the best job I’ve ever had,” the longtime actor notes.

“From the moment we met, we became best friends,” the Dallas star adds. “I was with him maybe an hour and a half before he died.”

Duffy adds that in addition to his friendship with Larry Hageman, he developed a close relationship with Hageman’s on-screen Dallas wife, Linda Gray.

“I got to play with my two best friends for sixteen years,” Duffy tells ET of his time on the popular series. “We were the three musketeers.”

Some of Patrick Duffy’s favorite moments as an actor may hail from his Dallas days, however, the actor has certainly made a prolific career as a leading man following the popular night-time drama.

Patrick Duffy Is A Television Regular

Shortly after Dallas left the airwaves, Duffy landed the father role on Step By Step.

Since then, Duffy can be seen in a variety of roles in television shows and films including a run as Stephen Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful; a return as Bobby Ewing in the 2012 Dallas reboot; and a role in the television film The Christmas Promise.

Patrick Duffy also found himself guest starring in a season 18 episode of another popular television drama, NCIS.

In the January 14, 2020 episode called Flight Plan, the former Dallas star portrays a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander named Jack Briggs.

This episode follows the NCIS team as they investigate the disappearance of Navy Lt. Rebecca Weeks. Weeks disappeared after an F-18 training mission back to the USS Franklin Roosevelt. As the investigation progresses, the NCIS team learns that Week’s disabled the tracker inside her plane and hid her gear. The question becomes, why did the officer choose to disappear?

Patrick Duffy’s character is Weeks’s godfather, and the investigation trail eventually leads the NCIS team directly to his North Carolina home. The episode is full of twists and turns, as we have come to love about the popular CBS series. Eventually, the mystery is solved and justice is served.