‘Dallas’ Star Patrick Duffy Described What He Thought of Bobby in One Word

by Suzanne Halliburton

Dallas fans, worldwide, will forever know Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing, the earnest kid brother of evil JR.

On Dallas, Bobby represented all things good. He married for love, not money, even if the family hated his choice in wives. Bobby had values and ethics. Meanwhile, people delighted in JR Ewing because his nastiness was all part of the fun of watching a prime-time soap opera about a family living on a ranch in Texas.

Entertainment Tonight, knowing fans love nostalgia, did a series last year focusing on stars from 1990s-era TV. Technically, Dallas could be viewed as a 1990s classic, since the show stretched until 1991. But it was mostly about 1980s excess and how the Texas oil millionaires lived very big and rich.

The ET host asked Duffy how he would describe Bobby, his alter ego for 16 years. And he gave a one-word answer.

“God,” said the Dallas alum.

Well, ok. You can make a case that Bobby had a god-like quality. After all, he returned from the dead looking as handsome as ever. ET then showed a clip from the infamous shower scene, when Pam was stunned to see her husband doing something so simple as take a shower. That’s something dead men can’t do.

Count On It: Bobby and JR Always Butted Heads on Dallas

In the clip, Bobby told Pam “you look like you just saw a ghost.” We all did. After “who shot JR,” which was watched by 83 million people, the Bobby shower scene might be the most famous bit of television in pop culture history. It certainly was in Dallas lore. Bobby’s sister-in-law killed him in season eight. But Dallas decided to bring back Bobby from the dead at the end of season nine. It seemed Pam dreamed it all.

The remainder of the clip showed Bobby confronting JR (Larry Hagman) as his big brother calmly read the newspaper on the South Fork patio. Bobby, who was mad about something JR did to someone, grabbed JR by the collar and said it was “time you started paying for it.”

While JR and Bobby rarely got along on Dallas, in real life, the actors loved each other like brothers.

“Larry was from the moment we met, we became best friends,” Duffy told ET. And the actor said he was with Hagman til about 90 minutes before Hagman died just before Thanksgiving, 2012.

Duffy also mentioned Linda Gray, who portrayed JR’s wife Sue Ellen. “We were the Three Musketeers,” he said. “It was the best job I ever had. I got to play with my two best friends for 16 years. When the show finally was canceled, I took two weeks off and then signed my Step by Step contract.”

Duffy never did enjoy the same kind of acting success as he did in Dallas. With a bar that high, only a TV god could do so, right?