‘Dallas’ Star Patrick Duffy Discussed the Legacy of Show and Its Sequel

by Taylor Cunningham

In 2012, the iconic Western-themed soap opera Dallas got a reboot. And original star Patrick Duffy was proud to speak about its roots.

But first, he shared a little bit about the sequel’s opener.

As Duffy shared with The Hollywood Reporter that same year, the new version seamlessly picked up as though the first show had never ended. And to him, that was an impressive feat.

“The script is as if Dallas had continued to shoot the entire time, and people just didn’t tune in on the right channel. And now they tune in, and there’s Dallas continuing on as if it never stopped.”

The reboot followed the sometimes dysfunctional relationships that the lead patriarch had with their grown sons. And it was just as dramatic as the 1978 version.

As the show opened, JR was in a coma. And Bobby Ewing was enjoying retirement at the ranch while celebrating his 60th birthday.

“I’m actually 63,” Duffy laughed. “They took 3 years off my life, just like that.”

The lives of original characters Larry, Linda, and Bobby were exactly as the actor had imagined them to be. And he thanked “brilliant writing” for that. But what really made the series special was how well it blended in the newcomers.

“To flesh out the new characters the way that [the creator] did, um, I think it’s as good—if not better—than most of the original show.”

The Legacy of the Original ‘Dallas’ Series Bridges the Gap with the New Cast

During the interview, Patrick Duffy was certain that the Dallas legacy would lead the remake into greatness. And director Mike Robin would keep it there with his modern eye.

“He is a young guy who can film this dynamic new way that these shows, especially cable shows, are being done now that are really setting the standard. So, that’s the viewing audience of today.”

But none of those things would matter without the new cast—which included Jessie Metcalf, Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster, and Julie Gonzalo—and the original stars.

“I mean, all those people have a huge following in their age range of viewership now. And then we have the three of us [original actors] to bring back the old viewership to see if they’re gonna like this updated version. And I think all of those elements work perfectly together. I think that’s how it’s gonna bridge the gap.

But as he also added, the legacy of one “cliffhanger” episode truly made the show iconic, which was the “who shot JR” story.

However, Patrick Duffy was certain that the producers would never be naive enough to try to recreate a plot as epic as that.

The Dallas reboot aired on TNT from 2012 to 2014. You can now watch the entire series on TNT’s website, Amazon Prime, or Apple TV.