‘Dallas’ Star Sheree J. Wilson Also Appeared on Another Classic TV Series

by Jennifer Shea

Over the course of her career, actress Sheree J. Wilson has appeared on two iconic TV series. One was Dallas, on which she played April Stevens Ewing, a dynamic if short-lived member of the wealthy Texas oil family. April was a conniving but in the end benevolent character who sparred with J.R. and wound up with Bobby.

But the other was Walker, Texas Ranger, on which she played Alex Cahill opposite Chuck Norris for the show’s entire eight-year run.

Wilson was one of just four people to appear in both the show’s pilot and its series finale, according to IMDb.

Looking Back, Wilson Is Grateful for Her Career

Wilson says she’s grateful to have appeared on two hit shows. By the actress’s account, she really enjoyed being on Walker, Texas Ranger, and Dallas was a “dream job” for her. It was fun to be on the side of both shows’ protagonists, she said.

“Alex Cahill is a strong, smart woman who could hold her own with the Texas Rangers… in the courtroom or on the trail,” Wilson told TV Grapevine in 2018. “She was so much fun to play as there were so many wild adventures that we all got involved with. Every case brought action and a new way to solve the crime. It is so powerful to be on the winning team!”

After her stint on TV, Wilson later went on to appear in a touring production of Driving Miss Daisy. And she’s as enthusiastic about her work on stage as she is about her work onscreen.

Dallas was a dream job and then I got Walker, Texas Ranger to continue the dream!” Wilson added. “I have also been blessed with working with so many major talented actors and actresses on television, film and stage.”

Dallas Followed the Exploits of the Manipulative, Rich Ewing Family

Meanwhile, Dallas, which ran from 1978 to 1971, was basically a primetime soap opera about the Ewing family, headed by Texas oil baron J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman). J.R. is frequently at odds with his brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy), a less Machiavellian Ewing who nonetheless gets dragged into his family’s dirty business.

Through a series of byzantine plot developments, April Stevens, who shows up scheming to get her hands on the Ewing family fortune, gradually grows close to Bobby and eventually marries him.

But Wilson, who reportedly wanted out of the show so she could shift to parenting, asked the show’s writers to kill her character off in some spectacular fashion. So April died in Bobby’s arms on their honeymoon in Paris after a fatal gunshot hit her. And that allowed Wilson to leave the show and turn her attention to her two sons, Nicholas and Luke.