‘Dallas’ Star Sheree J. Wilson Called the Role a ‘Dream’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Sheree J. Wilson played such a complicated woman on Dallas. Maybe it’s because she loved too many Ewing men.

If you’re a fan of Dallas, you remember Wilson. She’s now 63 and still living in D-FW. On the show, she played April Stevens Ewing. For the record, she married two different Ewings.

Wilson was 27 when she joined the prime-time soap. It’s still the most significant role of her acting career, probably edging out her part in Walker, Texas Ranger.

“I have had a very charmed career with two top shows for CBS running for over 13 years,” Wilson told TV Grapevine in 2018. “Dallas was a dream job and then I got Walker, Texas Ranger to continue the dream! I have also been blessed with working with so many major talented actors and actresses on television, film and stage.”

Wilson started on Dallas in 1986, sticking with the show until 1991. Here’s the backstory of April Stevens Ewing. She was married to Jack Ewing, a cousin of JR and Bobby’s. She told Jack (Dack Rambo) she was entitled to half of his 10 percent share of Ewing Oil. But Jack ripped off his ex-wife by selling his share of the oil company to his sister, Jamie, for $1. (He gave April her share — 50 cents.) And Jamie, who died, was married to Ewing nemesis, Cliff Barnes.

Steve Kanaly, Charlene Tilton, Mary Crosby, Larry Hagman, Sheree J. Wilson, Patrick Duffy, Ken Kercheval and Susan Howard (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Judge Awarded April Her Shares, So She Became Dallas Rich

A judge eventually awarded April her full share of Ewing Oil. And it gets even more complicated. She gave her shares to Bobby to spite JR. Eventually, she grew close to Bobby (Patrick Duffy). And they married.

But in real life, Wilson asked Dallas to write her off the show.

“I was pregnant with my first child and asked to be killed off in grand fashion,” Wilson told The Spectrum. “My final scene was filmed in slow motion and quite a dramatic way to end my April Stevens character.”

Because it’s Dallas, there is no simple way to die. After she married Bobby, the two went on a romantic European honeymoon. But she was kidnapped while there. The kidnappers shot her and she died in Bobby’s arm.

Wilson earned her second major prime-time role in 1993 in Walker, Texas Ranger. She portrayed district attorney Alex Cahill and eventual girlfriend of Walker, Chuck Norris.

Walker, Texas Ranger was filmed in Dallas. So that’s where Wilson lived. It’s still her home.

“I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and had horses and lived the life of a cowgirl,” Wilsom told Grapevine TV. “I loved the combination of legal smarts mixed with BIG TEXAS cowboy fun! (And) I fell in love with Dallas from filming my first big series there and couldn’t wait to go back.”

In recent years, Wilson has been part of several Christmas movies. But she’ll probably always be known as an Ewing.