Daniel Craig Reflects on Emotional End to His Tenure as James Bond

by Jonathan Howard

With No Time To Die being the last James Bond film for Daniel Craig, he has had time to reflect on his time in the role.

While the actor is “very satisfied” with his ending as Bond, it is an emotional end. During his time as 007, he was featured in five films. Also, SPOILER ALERT, in his last film, Bond was killed off in the end. It all started back in 2006 with Casino Royale and the explosive ending to No Time To Die capped off his run as Bond perfectly.

While there were some great films in the five-movie run, some weren’t so great. However, the films almost all performed well at the box office. When Craig talked to the official James Bond podcast, he talked about the ending to his role as Bond.

“There were lots of different ideas that came and went and some of it stuck. The through-line of this is family [and] love, plus the fact we had an end so it was about hanging the film off that.”

Fans were happy to see Daniel Craig get the send-off he got in his final film. However, Craig didn’t want the film to follow the usual style of Bond stories. So, the writers and actor himself took a different approach to the storyline.

Bond Gets Attached in Final Craig Movie

No Time To Die didn’t follow the usual formula. Most of the time, James Bond is only concerned about defeating the villains. He might have a drink or two and have some fun along the way. However, he almost never gets deeply involved with anyone.

However, Craig had different plans. The actor wanted Bond to forge a deep connection and feel something more than other films. It has added an element to the story that is missing from other films. That new formula might be the secret to further success when a new Bond is selected.

MGM Still Searching for Daniel Craig Replacement

According to MGM President Pamela Addy, the search for a Daniel Craig replacement is, “wide open.” There are some names being discussed as far as the search goes. But nothing is set in stone and it could be a number of actors, or actresses, that take the role.

Two names that have popped up in talks are Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. These conversations have been going on for a long time since before No Time To Die was even released.

“We’ve had very early preliminary conversations with Barbara and Michael. But we wanted Daniel to have his last hurrah,” the executive said.

With Daniel Craig out, the possibilities are endless. A man, woman, or anyone else could be chosen. With nothing confirmed these are the two names that have been mentioned the most, so fans will have to wait and see what the final decision is.