‘Deadliest Catch’: The Biggest Problem Keith Colburn Faces Besides the Crab Themselves

by Joe Rutland

Captain Keith Colburn makes sure that his crabbing lines are covered on Deadliest Catch. What, besides the crabs, is the big problem for him?

Well, Outsiders, he talked about it in a 2020 interview with Boating Mag.

“It comes down to [the] crew and making sure they are competent,” Colburn said. “If you have a good crew, you don’t have to think about it. It is not a pleasant job, so it’s a challenge keeping morale up.

“The same applies to boating with friends,” the Deadliest Catch star said. “You keep morale up by having a good boat and good equipment, as well as good food. But the best morale booster is catching crab, or fish for recreational anglers.

“Many times, they put too much emphasis on the captain, but everything has to work together – crew, boat, and equipment, as well as leadership,” Colburn said.

‘Deadliest Cath’ Captain Says People Incorrectly Think They Are Buying Product from Show

There have been moments, Outsiders, where Deadliest Catch has been in the crosshairs of criticism. Why? People are not seeing true authenticity.

Colburn, though, says people should point skeptic rhetoric toward the fish market.

Distributors make sure their crab product reflects what the show’s stars bring back to shore.

“And so it can be shipped in, and there’s lots of people that ship it in, repackage it, put it in a red, white and blue box, and send it to stores and casinos,” Colburn said in an interview with Monsters & Critics. “And everybody else under the premise that it’s Alaskan King crab [or] Alaskan opilio crab. But a lot of times it’s not.”

Colburn Offered Insights Into Just How Complicated Filming Can Be

Filming out on the Bering Sea can be challenging. Don’t think so? Listen to Colburn talk about it for Deadliest Catch.

Let’s start with logistics.

“I mean sometimes, you gamble, and you’re going through an area,” Colburn said in an interview with Nicki Swift. “And now, you can’t go north, because I’ll tell you a story, right? And this involves the camera guys, as well.

“So we’ve got a couple of guys on board, and one of them [is] supposed to go on Sig’s, and St. Paul, and he’s 80 miles southwest of them — it’s born northeast 60 heavy,” he said.

Colburn said the situation is like someone saying, “Hey, you need to get my camera guy here.”

“Finally, money on the camera guy has flown in the morning from Burbank or whatever,” the Deadliest Catch captain said. “Monte says, he goes, ‘You know what? If you can put two rockets on the back of this, we can be as good as St. Paul is right now for your camera dude.'”