‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Sig Hansen ‘Took a Lot of Heat’ for Being on the Show At First

by Taylor Cunningham

Captain Sig Hansen caught a lot of flack from his Dutch Harbor fishing friends when he decided to be a star on Deadliest Catch.

When Captain Sig originally decided to work on Deadliest Catch, he did it for his family. As he told The Fishing Website, Sig thought his time on screen would be “a kind of keepsake” and an interesting story to tell around the dinner table.

But his choice to be a reality star was not popular with his old school Alaskan fisherman friends. They mocked him for seeking fame.

“We took a lot of heat,” he shared before adding that many of his friends in the industry “turned their backs” on him and the other stars.

But after watching Sig Hansen’s monumental success, those same friends changed their tune. And before long, they wanted to star on Deadliest Catch, too.

“They see the good that has come from it,” he said.

“Dutch Harbour is such a little town that they were afraid that seeing the true working conditions [of a fisherman], the insurance companies would freak out and take it negatively,” he continued. “But they haven’t done that. Now the benefits are also political. The governor of Alaska said that we have done more for the state than anybody, and those are pretty big words. How can you go wrong?”

Sig Hansen Once Stopped a ‘Deadliest Catch’ Crew From Brining Suitcases on Board

Whale Tales and superstitions are popular among the fisherman of Deadliest Catch. And Captain Sig Hansen takes a few of them very seriously.

One particular superstition Sig respects has to do with suitcases. As far back as fishing lore goes, tales of unlucky luggage have been passed through generations. As the stories go, suitcases have been said to bring upon death. Especially black luggage because the color represents the depths of the sea. If someone were to fall in, they’d likely die. And fishermen believe that their chances of drowning increase with every suitcase.

So as Sig Hansen told Fishing.net, no one is ever allowed to bring baggage aboard his ship. And when a camera crew attempted to carry some while filming Deadliest Catch, Sig told them to leave it on the dock.

“The superstitions have always been there, but they are not going to stop us from fishing,” he explained. “It’s more of a thing you do for bar-talk or to make conversation. Not leaving port on a Friday is one superstition, and the one about suitcases we take seriously. The first camera crew tried to take a bunch of suitcases on board, but we refused, so they had to unpack everything onto the boat and leave the suitcases on the dock.”