‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Thinks Johnathan Hillstrand Needs Someone Like Sig Hansen to Rein Him In

by Amy Myers

Besides their role as an extra hand on the deck with the crab pots, the Deadliest Catch crews are there to keep each other from going insane while on the water. That means having someone out there that you not only trust but can also count on to keep you focused. According to Captain Keith Colburn, his person is Bill Wichowski.

Recently, the Deadliest Catch star commented on how Wichowski and him make a good team and have even developed a rapport.

“This year they had Bill and I working a lot together, and I’m going to be honest. Bill and I do work really well together,” Colbun told TV Shows Ace. “We can carry on a conversation. It is a focused conversation, you know?”

As for other captains, like Jonathan Hillstrand, the Deadliest Catch captain thinks that he needs someone more grounded, like Sig Hansen, to keep his head on straight, or, as he claimed “rein him in.”

Colburn described a situation in which Hillstrand admitted that he couldn’t trust members of the crew. But his reasoning wasn’t because of anything they had done. Rather, it was because Hillstrand couldn’t even keep track of his own equipment.

“I think I even saw the one segment where Johnathan said that Sig was asking him if he trusted them or not,” Colburn explained. “And John said no, and Sig was like what? John’s like, ‘Hey, half the time. I don’t even remember where my gear is on the grounds.’”

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Describes Hillstrand’s Stories as ‘Wild and Crazy’

You wouldn’t think that a captain that forgets where his gear is would be very successful on the show. However, Hillstrand has proven to be one of the most reliable anglers on the Bering Sea – not so much for his organization skills but rather, his dedication and determination.

According to Colburn, Hillstrand’s inability to keep track of his belongings isn’t the only instance of his scatterbrained tendencies. In fact, the Deadliest Catch star’s antics on the sea is much like his storytelling – hard to follow.

“I mean, he can really go A.D.D. on you,” Colburn shared about his fellow castmate. “He can just go off on a tangent and and it’s wild and crazy, and it’s great to get caught up in it. It is incredibly entertaining… but at the end of the interview and when you’re trying to get to the ultimate answer… or what we’re supposed to be talking about to begin with.”

Thankfully, though, the Deadliest Catch star sometimes has Hansen by his side to keep his attention on the task ahead of him.

“I think Sig does a good job of kind of reining Johnathan in a little bit,” he said.