‘Deadliest Catch’: Crews Struggle to Save Anchor as Violent Storm Rages

by Joe Rutland

Being out in the Bering Sea when storms churn is dangerous for fishing boats. Outsiders, we get an up-close view of it on “Deadliest Catch.”

So, this YouTube clip from the Discovery Channel show focuses on the “F/V Sage” boat. It’s captained by Jake Anderson and there’s serious stuff going down.

The crew has to work hard at saving the anchor from being lost. All of us are on the edge of our seats while viewing this “Deadliest Catch” action.

Without much further adieu, let’s see how the Sage crew works it out.

Outsiders, if you are interested in seeing Season 17, then those episodes are available on YouTube.

Also, you can check on the show’s website on the Discovery Channel, too.

This type of work is really serious and dangerous at the same time. Still, seeing these crews battle many elements to nab those bluefin tuna is something to see.

Among the captains, Sig Hansen has been on the longest for “Deadliest Catch.” Hansen appeared way back in the show’s pilot. Recently, he’s been joined out on the “F/V Northwestern” by his daughter, Mandy.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Hansen Talks About Relationship with Johnathan Hillstrand

Hansen definitely has a soft spot in his heart for fellow captain Johnathan Hillstrand. He has watched Hillstrand grow through many different situations.

On his boat, the Time Bandit, Hillstrand watches out for his crew. He’s also looking to succeed among other “Deadliest Catch” captains.

Hansen said Hillstrand is like a brother to the longtime captain.

“He IS a brother, and it’s amazing because their family and our family are so similar… other than they’re Swedish and we are Norwegian,” Hansen said 

But he could see where Hillstrand and himself developed a similar mentality from their fathers. Both men wanted to prove themselves out on the waters as fishermen. Hansen said he and Hillstrand both were raised “a bit on the wild side.”

That connects them even more, Hansen said.

“But I mean, just the way we grew up with our fathers’ mentality, the way we had to endure that transition and proving ourselves as fishermen and being worthy of your fathers’ graces, that’s the thing,” Hansen said. 

Hansen Proud of Daughter Mandy, Does Not Expect Her To Be Perfect Out There

As we said earlier, Outsiders, Sig has his daughter Mandy out there.

Hansen talked with Hollywood Life about Mandy’s role and his expectations.

The longtime “Deadliest Catch” captain said having her out there was a little nerve-wracking. Hansen also said that he expects failure.

“I expect her to not be perfect,” Hansen said. “I have to remind myself of that. It’s really hard to remind yourself of that when you’re in the moment.”