‘Deadliest Catch’: Fleets Rallied Around Ship with Broken Motor

by Amy Myers

When a fellow Deadliest Catch vessel is in need, a little help from the fleet can go a long way – especially when the only other alternative is to head back to shore. During a past episode of the series, Casey McManus and Josh Harris found themselves at the mercy of their fellow fishermen when a vital piece of equipment on the Cornelia Marie broke.

At first, the day seemed to be going pretty well. McManus and Harris celebrated at the helm of the massive ship as the deck crew pulled in pot after pot filled with crabs. Things quickly went south when a couple of deckhands noticed gear oil leaking from the crab block. The relatively small yet essential, motorized piece helps lift the pots from the water. Without it, the Deadliest Catch crew can’t continue fishing. Because the crab block is so important to the crew’s operation, some captains like to keep a spare on hand, should the device ever break. McManus and Harris were not these captains.

Reduced to nothing more than a frozen cruise ship, the Cornelia Marie made a call to fellow Deadliest Catch captain, Steve “Harley” Davidson of the Southern Wind. Located 15 miles south of McManus and Harris, Harley and his crew were bringing in crabs by the hundreds. So, when the Cornelia Marie captains asked for help, he was a bit hesitant. However, after some consideration, he lent the struggling captains his block under the premise that McManus now owed him a favor. Unfortunately, though, the motor wasn’t a good fit.

Just when they thought all hope was lost, another Deadliest Catch captain stepped in to help.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Helps Out ‘Cornelia Marie’ Crew

Moments like these truly demonstrate the values and morality of the anglers, as well as their ability to set aside the competition to help someone in need. The situation was tense, but with the hauls that the crews were bringing in from the crab pots, the Cornelia Marie captains had to do whatever they needed to stay out on the water. Unfortunately, without the proper motor, they knew they needed to make a trip back to town.

Captain Johnathan Hillstrand understood the kind of trouble that the fellow Deadliest Catch stars faced and at first offered his extra crab block without asking for anything in return. When he realized it wouldn’t be the right fit, Hillstrand then agreed to pull their gear and crabs from the water.

“Yeah, I’ll help you guys out. We all gotta take care of each other when it comes down to it,” Hillstrand told McManus and Harris. “That’s what this boat does. See, we don’t say one thing and mean another thing. We say what we mean. “