‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Keith Colburn Claims the Fights Fans See on the Wizard are Real

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Michael Hickey/WireImage/Getty Images)

One thing Deadliest Catch Captain Keith Colburn wanted to get clear is that those fights viewers see on the F/V Wizard are real.

Colburn, who has been a part of the Discovery Channel show since its third season, talked about this in an interview with Boating Mag.

“I don’t know about other captains, but on Wizard, anytime there is yelling, it is real,” Keith Colburn said. “For one thing, my brother, Monte, drives me crazy. He is a captain himself, and he doesn’t always do what I ask.

“He’s my brother, so what can I do?” the Deadliest Catch captain said. “He takes liberty with being a family member versus a crew member. Things are super high-stress, so you’re already on the edge. Add fatigue and danger, and yelling becomes common.

“Plus, it’s very noisy – engines, hydraulics, wind noise, water noise, banging traps,” Keith Colburn said. “You have to yell to be heard over all the noise. You sound like a jerk, but you’re just trying to communicate.”

Outsiders, there might not be much brotherly love all the time out on the Bering Sea.

Still, if you want to see some episodes of the show, then visit its website right here.

Deadliest Catch is still going strong and will be as long as captains like the Colburns enjoy it all.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Makes Case That Show Is Better Now Than Early Days

If fans remember seeing Deadliest Catch in its early days, then there might be some growth taking place.

OK, well, at least Keith Colburn says that the show is better now than its early days.

Earlier in 2021, Colburn was speaking with TV Shows Ace

He talked about the falls and rises of the show, along with what it’s done for the crabbing industry.

“It is amazing,” the Deadliest Catch captain said. “I had a hunch once the show started, it really started to take off and have some longevity, but nothing like this. It’s pretty incredible actually.”

Each captain has had rough seasons, even losing some profits and dealing with deckhand.

Since the show’s launch on Discovery Plus, viewers can watch their favorite episodes commercial-free. Fans can spend all the time in the world just binging their favorite episodes.

Colburn said this is a positive for the show.

“I think it’s really cool that you can watch a commercial-free that you can get other content that you couldn’t get in the past,” he said. “Things like After the Catch and stuff like that, then they’re going to be adding more of that to where a lot of those things wouldn’t cycle through, you wouldn’t see reruns of things like that.”