‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Keith Colburn Opened Up on Making Profits But Conserving Crab Population

by Hannah Heser

Deadliest Catch” very own Captain Keith Colburn opens up on making profits while taking care of the crab population. The United States and Russia are still battling each other for crab. However, Russian fishermen are speeding things up with the fishing rule book.

This fight has been around for more than 20 years and it’s really misleading. The Bering sea crabbers have lost over $1 billion in revenue over this. It is very frustrating for both sides of the argument. Let’s see what the Captain has to say about this.

“So I just say, when purchasing crab everybody has to ask, ‘where is this from?’” he mentioned. “Because our crabs are better, our crabs go through better control standards. We’ve got better management and sustainability standards. We don’t over-harvest. We do everything the right way.”

Colburn’s knowledge, skills, and larger boat can handle anything that Southern wind brings to win the crab.

“And I’m proud of that as a fisherman that we are…and there’s times we wish the managers would give us more to catch,” Colburn remarked. “But you know what? If we are catching crab and in 40 years, my grandkids are catching crab? I’ll be a happy guy.”

The Russians have been invading our markets for over two decades now. They are putting illegally priced crab up on the market in the United States. The Wizard vs. the Seabrooke rivalry is renewed and here’s what Captain Keith Colburn wants to do.

Longtime rivals Keith Colburn and Scott Campbell Jr. fight to win their priorities. To watch upcoming episodes, the Discovery Channel is the place to be!

Is ‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Keith Colburn Still Planning to Retire Soon?

The Captain has been crab fishing since 1985. He is still standing by his answer from last year with never retiring. This has been his passion for many years and he can’t see himself doing anything else.

As Keith Colburn gets older, he needs more time to take care of his health. So he gives his brother Monte a shot at taking the wheel of the boat. In recent episodes his brother continues to help him out that he can’t be in. If a question comes up regarding advice, ideas or to just share exciting news he won’t hesitate to call the Captain.

He mentions he will eventually leave the show, but it’s not easy walking away from something you love. From trying to track the weather to keeping track of where the crab are, this guy is a real fisherman. He even plans on catching crab after the show comes to an end.

Is the Drama with Harley Davidson Better or Worse?

In a recent interview Keith Colburn said there is still old, bad blood being stirred up. He does not like the guy this year, but is not going to let him ruin his show.