‘Deadliest Catch’: Keith Colburn Revealed Rescue Story by the U.S. Coast Guard

by Courtney Blackann

Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” is so fun to watch because you never know what will happen – or what situation the crews will get into. It’s not for the faint of heart. Fisherman on the Bering Sea face dangerous seas, frigid weather, long hours and grueling work.

Captain Keith Colburn once got into extremely hairy situation in which he had to receive rescuing by the U.S. Coast Guard. Captains don’t often have to call in help, but when something breaks down or a person is facing a life-threatening issue, they need to call in somebody for rescue. This is where the Coast Guard comes in.

“And unfortunately I had just gotten off the boat…it was last trip very late in the season, just recently and the camera crews had already departed.

So my brother [Monte] was out there without the camera crew, and needless to say, all of their decks would have been destroyed. Monte had a full load of gear on for the final trip of the season [and] in the tank was now 375,000 pounds, and [the wave] took a window out on the port side of a wheelhouse, [it] tore up into the ceiling, took out the battery charges. And over a foot of water came across the dash, as it took out everything from the autopilot, steering, radars, sounders, everything down, gone,” the captain said to TV Shows Ace.

However, aboard the boat, Colburn had a satellite phone, which allowed him to make a distress call when things started going downhill. While this is good news, the crew still had to struggle to maintain steering – and kept getting shocks as they did so.

“Deadliest Catch” and the Coast Guard Rescue

“Now, we still had power. We still had a main engine.. still had everything. We just had nothing to drive the boat with the wheelhouse. It took them about five hours to get the boat in a position to where he had steering. He had minimal autopilot capabilities and navigational capabilities in order to get the boat in,” Colburn continues.

The Coast Guard was able to intercept the boat and board them, Colburn says. They safely made it back to the harbor to make the necessary boat repairs which the “Deadliest Catch” star says was a complete ‘disaster.’

While the crews know how to handle being in sticky situations, it’s never something they look forward to. As the “Deadliest Catch” crews venture out to sea, they try to bring in thousands of pounds of Alaskan King crab. Working extremely long hours can be grueling, risky and even life-threatening.

The fishing life is one that’s not for the weak of heart. Despite the harsh conditions of the job, many of the fisherman and their crew feel lucky to be a part of the life. It’s something of an honor to make it as a greenhorn and prove your skills as a fisherman and worker.

“Deadliest Catch” is in its 17th season on Discovery and Discovery Plus.