‘Deadliest Catch’: How a Near-Disastrous Experience Changed Keith Colburn

by Michael Freeman

When it comes to driving a vehicle, falling asleep at the wheel is always a recipe for disaster. Doing so with a car is dangerous enough, but a near-disastrous experience for Captain Keith Colburn from Deadliest Catch made it so he’ll never do so again.

TV Shows Ace had the chance to speak to Colburn this year for an interview. Naturally, they discussed the show, but the outlet also threw some curveballs in too. One question was whether he had ever fallen asleep at the wheel before. His answer? “Yes. As a captain, no.”

Elaborating on his answer, he goes on to explain it happened while he was a greenhorn. “I pride myself in that, but as a greenhorn, I fell asleep at the wheel… and on a wheel watch. Two days later, I went for an engine room check, the vessel I was on at the time had a long run through a companion way, all the way to his turn to get to the engine room.”

After checking the engine rooms and completing his engineer check, he realized he forgot the watch alarm. As he went up the stairs, he heard it going off. Basically, if that alarm sounds, you have a minute and a half to turn it off, otherwise, the main alarm goes off and wakes everyone up. Colburn didn’t make it.

“Literally as I was getting ready to push the button, the main alarm goes off… and the Captain was like, ‘One more time and I will tie your hands to the wheel, and make you stand up and have you drive on manual, if you ever have that happen again.'”

A lesson well-learned, I’d say.

Keith Colburn Is a Huge Fan of Streaming Services for the Show

In the same interview, Keith Colburn and TV Shows Ace talked about the show’s success and its ability to be streamed. Colburn praised the concept heavily, saying “it’s really cool.”

Back in the day, if you wanted to watch a show you’d either record it or be sure you’d be there in time to watch. However, with Deadliest Catch being on a streaming service, that’s no longer an issue, and Colburn is all for it. ” I think it’s really cool that you can watch a commercial-free that you can get other content that you couldn’t get in the past,” he stated.

“Things like After the Catch and stuff like that, then they’re going to be adding more of that to where a lot of those things wouldn’t cycle through, you wouldn’t see reruns of things like that.”

Concluding, he says it’s great since you can watch it whenever you want with friends. Put simply, “I think it’s really cool.”