‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen Goes In-Depth on Relationship with Johnathan Hillstrand

by Anna Dunn

Deadliest Catch star Sig Hansen just went in-depth on his relationship with Johnathan Hillstrand. In a recent interview with TV Shows Ace, Hansen discussed working with Hillstrand and how their similar backgrounds make them feel almost like family. Hillstrand left Deadliest Catch in 2017 but has since returned. Now, the two get to work together once more.

“Johnathan Hillstrand, obviously, he’s like a brother. He IS a brother, and it’s amazing because their family and our family are so similar… other than they’re Swedish and we are Norwegian,” Hansen said.

The Deadliest Catch star went on to note that they both grew up with the same mentality as their fathers and grew up with a desire to prove themselves as fishermen. In fact, they were both raised “a bit on the wild side” and therefore share a mutual bond.

“But I mean, just the way we grew up with our fathers’ mentality, the way we had to endure that transition and proving ourselves as fishermen and being worthy of your fathers’ graces, that’s the thing,” he explained. Many of the fishermen on Deadliest Catch set incredibly high expectations for themselves. The emotional stakes are a part of what makes the show work.

Hansen also talked about the Time Bandit and how Hillstrand has learned to deal with regulations and the pressure of success. If they don’t meet certain standards, they won’t be able to fish the next year. Therefore, the stakes on Deadliest Catch are particularly high.

“He’s an amazing guy, but a lot of times, I think they let the Time Bandit out, and you’re able to lease your crab. And so when you lease, you cut a deal with a guy that’s going to fish that crab under these new regulations,” he explained.

Hansen and Hillstrand wound up working together a lot this season.

“We worked together [this season] and, it doesn’t happen every day. It was…no. It was interesting, to say the least.”

Sig Hansen’s Daughter is Also on ‘Deadliest Catch’

While Johnathan Hillstrand may feel like family, Sig Hansen also has had actual family on the show. His daughter, Mandy, has gained a larger presence on the show over the past few seasons. Sid knows that that trend is going to continue, but just because she’s family, she’s not going to get any special treatment from him. She needs to learn just like everyone else.

Mandy is definitely learning the ropes of the game right now, but Hansen’s made it clear that he never expected her to be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, especially in the early learning process.

From working with Johnathan Hillstrand to dealing with intense regulations to the increased presence of Mandy, the newest season of Deadliest catch is definitely worth the watch.