‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Josh Harris Explained His Daughter’s Interest in Crabbing: ‘No Fear’

by Amy Myers

The Harrises might be the next father-daughter duo on Deadliest Catch, after, of course, Sig and Mandy Hansen. According to Cornelia Marie co-captain Josh Harris, his young daughter has the fearless spirit she needs to become a successful crab fisher.

It’s not often that Harris shares information about his personal life. In fact, on his social media pages, he is almost always on the water with his Deadliest Catch co-stars. But we do know that Harris is the proud father of a spunky seven-year-old named Kinsley Ella.

Back in October, Harris shared a rare photo of him and his daughter with a couple of friends. Perhaps now that the Deadliest Catch kid is getting a bit older, we’ll start to see her around the Cornelia Marie more often.

According to the 38-year-old dad, Kinsley isn’t afraid of the demands of being a crabber.

“Oh my God. Yeah, whenever we go on the little boat, she has to drive, and we go crabbing sometimes it’s for fun with Dungeness crab, and she grabs them out of the pot, and me being the dad, I’m like, ‘Whoa, you know, you can’t just be grabbing them!’” Harris explained.

He said his daughter responds, “‘It’s fine, dad.’ It’s fun. I tell her they’ll snap your fingers in half, and there is no fear in that kid of mine. No fear.”

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Has High Hopes for His Daughter and Her Future

The Harrises Deadliest Catch legacy first began with Josh’s father, Phil, and it was more out of necessity rather than passion for the industry. Through dedication and hard work, the family has become some of the best fishers that the Bering Sea has ever seen, but in order to do so, Josh had to sacrifice his education. Now that his daughter is starting to show interest in crabbing, he wants to be sure that she gets the best of both worlds.

“I told her, you have got to go to school. It is really important. She goes, ‘it’s just overrated, dad!’” the Deadliest Catch star shared. “No, it’s not overrated. And you’re going to go to school, and you’re going to do well as this [fishing] industry is up and down. You never know.”

He continued, “So, I’m hoping that she goes to school and is focused on that. She knows I didn’t graduate school, so she was like, look how you turned out.  I tell her that it’s a little bit different. It’s a lot harder life, and that she is smart and good with people. She has a lot more advantage of that than when I was younger.”