‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Keith Colburn Mourns the Death of Football Icon John Madden

by Amy Myers

Earlier today, the NFL community and fans lost coach and broadcasting icon John Madden, and Deadliest Catch star Keith Colburn was among the many to mourn the tragedy. Madden died at 85 years old. The NFL has yet to release any details regarding the cause of death.

Like many of us, Colburn was well familiar with Madden’s legacy with the Oakland Raiders and as one of America’s favorite (and most animated) football commentators. Even though the Deadliest Catch captain is a Seahawks fan, himself, he still enjoyed watching John Madden on the field and in the commentator’s seat.

“We lost a football legend today. RIP Coach Madden. He was truly one of a kind. Hope there is a huge telestrator in Heaven. #OklandRaiders #Coach #legend #boom,” Colburn wrote.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Fans Share Their Thoughts on John Madden

Fans of the Deadliest Catch star and John Madden gathered to the comments to share their condolences, too.

“He was probably the best-known coach and commentator along with Shula who helped popularise the game in the 70’s and 80’s here in the UK. Loved his intensity as a coach, and his knowledge and passion as a commentator,” one fan wrote.

“Boom, doink. He was the best!” another said, remembering some of Madden’s favorite sound effects in the broadcaster’s booth.

One John Madden and Deadliest Catch fan even mentioned one of John Madden’s most famous moments on camera – when he fell in love with turducken. When the NFL commentator had the turducken delivered, he devoured the dish as he continued narrating the game. Since then, fans of the sportscaster have always associated the Thanksgiving meal with Madden.

“And a tur-duc-en for dinner,” the user wrote.

John Madden’s Remarkable Coaching Career

Not surprisingly, John Madden always cherished his time coaching the Oakland Raiders. Even after his retirement from the field, he continuously proclaimed the profession as a passion rather than a job. Madden no doubt had a legendary career, leading the Raiders to a Super Bowl victory and securing a winning record every one of his 10 years as the head coach. However, he claimed that he didn’t join the NFL coach for the glory or money. Rather, it was just to enjoy the sport.

“Coaching isn’t work. It’s more than a job. It’s a way of life…no one should go into coaching unless he couldn’t live without it…Football is what I am,” he said. “I didn’t go into it to make a living or because I enjoyed it. There is much more to it than just enjoying it. I am totally consumed by football, totally involved. I’m not into gardening…or any other hobbies. I don’t fish or hunt. I’m in football.”