‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Keith Colburn Prepares for Bering Sea with the ‘Best Crew in the Fleet’

by Courtney Blackann

No one understands the dangers of the deadly Bering Sea like those crews on the “Deadliest Catch.” If their days are going well, it’s only a matter of time before things can take a turn. Captain Keith Colburn recognizes this. However, when he heads out to sea, he says he’s doing it with one of the best crews in the fleet of fishing vessels.

In a post on Twitter, Colburn snapped a picture of his guys before they head out on another excursion. The beautiful, clear sky is no trickster for these fishermen, however. They’re fully aware of how quickly the weather can take a turn for the worse.

“Best crew in the fleet. Time to go fish! #DeadliestCatch#Wizard#BeringSea#crab#iceandsnow,” Colburn captions the photo.

As the Wizard sets out on its newest adventures, we hope the guys will have lots of luck and fair seas!

As the “Deadliest Catch” crews set out each season for king crab, they know they’re up against some pretty harsh odds. Not only do they constantly have mechanical issues, but the crews and captain alike have to be at 100% with little to no sleep. There are also intense storms and massive waves. Battling all these things in order to make ends meet is not for the faint of heart.

“Deadliest Catch’s” Keith Colburn Shares About Captains Making Mistakes

However, Keith Colburn says there are still some mistakes captains make that he’s learned about along the way.

“There are so many mistakes, but the worst is not preparing for a worst-case scenario, be it anything from bad fishing to mechanical failures,” Colburn explained to Boating Magazine. “If you don’t have contingency plans, things can get tragic. Boaters can apply this by having a float plan so someone knows where you are.”

He further adds to his point that:

“Also, make sure you have a safety talk before you depart to point out safety gear, fire extinguishers, operating basics, and how to use the electronics. What happens if the captain hits his head? The crew can’t respond if they don’t know where the safety gear is located. I am also a huge advocate for wearing life jackets,” he explained. “Ask if everyone knows how to swim. If not, make sure they wear a life jacket. ‘Safety First’ is not just a billboard. It’s a way of life, and it inspires confidence in the skipper.””

If you’re a fan of the Discovery show, you’ve surely seen these mistakes all too often. Though the drama is never faked, camera crews do look for the most exciting parts of the journey. And it isn’t too difficult when there’s so much activity going on.

Between securing fishing spots, keeping those spots on the down low and constantly competing with several other fishing vessels, there’s always some kind of drama happening.