‘Deadliest Catch’: Summer Bay Crew Gets All Tangled Up in New Video

by Courtney Blackann

The “Deadliest Catch” crews are used to sticky situations. It’s all a part of the job fishing off the coast of Alaska and braving the Bering Sea. They have to be prepared for anything – and have a game plan once something happens. That means when a line gets tangled in the “Summer Bay’s” propeller, the crew must quickly figure it out before they get stranded at sea.

During an expedition offshore, the “Summer Bay” captained by Wild Bill Wichrowski, some line gets tangled in their propeller. Conditions offshore are rough. The seas are high and the temperatures are freezing. If the crew doesn’t act quickly they’ll be stranded.

Another issue arises because of the density of the ice on the ocean. Not being able to filter the thick, frozen pieces makes it difficult for the crew to untangle the line in the normal ways. Captain Wild Bill makes it known that they might be in a worse condition than they previously thought.

With only one engine, the “Deadliest Catch” crew must work quickly to ensure they can make it back to shore safely. That’s when Wild Bill calls for help. He radios another boat to see if they have a diver. A diver can go beneath the surface and manually untangle the line.

A Diver Attempts to Untangle the “Deadliest Catch” Ship in Minutes

Underneath the surface, the diver must cut through thick rope, which is wrapped tightly around the ship’s propeller. He must do this quickly, so as not to run out of air. The water is freezing – without a wetsuit he risks hypothermia within minutes.

As the diver works, Captain Wild Bill notes that the situation is “pretty stressful” and that he’s pretty anxious about the whole event.

With just minutes to spare, the whole crew watches and waits – wondering if the diver will be able to make it safely back to the surface while completing his job. Just as they get super nervous, the “Deadliest Catch” diver emerges from the water.

The line has been successfully removed from the propeller. This makes it possible for the boat to get back to its crabbing pots and complete the trip. The sigh of relief from Wild Bill is evident.

Captain Keith Colburn Proud of Show’s Improvements

There are always dangers when traveling aboard any fishing vessel. This is why the captains so harsh on their crews. Each person must be reliable and diligent so accidents don’t happen. Not to mention the raging Bering Sea is a threat on its own.

“Deadliest Catch” is now in its 17th season and available to stream on Discovery Plus sans commercials. This is something Captain Keith Colburn sees as a huge move for the popular show.

“I think it’s really cool that you can watch a commercial-free that you can get other content that you couldn’t get in the past. Things like After the Catch and stuff like that, then they’re going to be adding more of that to where a lot of those things wouldn’t cycle through, you wouldn’t see reruns of things like that,” Colburn shares.

He goes on to add:

“So it gives you an opportunity to go back and look at the guys hanging out, shooting the breeze, just all kinds of things. And, it allows me to go back and watch episodes that you remember that you may have really loved and really touched you in some way. I think it’s really cool.”