‘Deadliest Catch’: Summer Bay Has a Close Call in Tense Video

by Courtney Blackann

In a crazy clip from Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch,” Captain Wild Bill barely escapes death as the ship comes close to capsizing. The crews are known to face harsh and dangerous weather while aboard their fishing vessels. However, the scary moment occurs in a quick turn of weather and intense waves.

In the clip posted to Youtube, the crew is out on the Bering Sea trying to escape what’s become some rough weather. They are nearly out of the way of the high waves and wind when the ship takes a turn for worse. The Summer Bay faces its most intense waves of all time.

As Wild Bill attempts to navigate away from the waves and anchor up, they’re hit with incredibly rough water. The large waves flow over the bow of the boat as it churns and shakes in the weather. For a moment, Wild Bill wonders whether the Summer Bay can handle the water. But just as quickly as it crashes onto the deck, the boat seems to pull out of the worst of it.

“I have more faith in this boat than I did before,” Wild Bill says. “I just hope the guys aren’t too traumatized by it.”

The crew remarks how the windows were covered by water at the peak moment of impact. Further, the camera crews show just how intense the Summer Bay was overtaken by waves. The water spills onto the deck, flooding the cabin and lower levels.

“Deadliest Catch’s” Wild Bill is No Stranger to Adversity

“You know it’s bad when there’s water coming through the ceiling,” Wild Bill remarks.

As the crew recovers, Captain Wild Bill says they’ll finish the season right here. He says they’ll have to anchor up and finish their trip as quickly as possible.

But if this moment is scary, it’s not the first time that Captain Wild Bill has faced adversity. He’s been in plenty of hairy situations before.

He discussed this, saying: “The start of the season was the worst thing ever because we had to spend a quarantine, you couldn’t move around freely, vendors were shut down.” Wichrowski also said, “Half the fleet didn’t even go. Everything was so difficult, just to get off the ground and get out of town.”

Once this “Deadliest Catch” captain and his crew were at sea, things became easier. But because of Covid-19, distribution became a challenge.

“Then the delivery, the deliveries were totally thrown off because a couple of shore plants had an outbreak. So instead of taking your load of crab and driving to town and waiting maybe 16, 18, 24 hours, sometimes it’s four to six days to offload the crab,” the captain said.