‘Deadliest Catch’: The Saga Hits the Jackpot With One Haul

by Courtney Blackann

Being the smallest ship in the fleet is usually a disadvantage for the “Deadliest Catch” vessel Saga. However, the term ‘small but mighty’ comes to mind after Captain Jake Anderson gambles in some bad weather. The fishing captain and crew are all smiles after reeling in a huge haul of king crab.

In a clip of a recent episode, Captain Jake Anderson is nearing his 500,000 lbs of quota. He’s up against time and dangerous waves as he sets out to try his luck. The crew has been working endless hours as the fishing vessel teeters back and forth against the harsh waves. It’s also extremely late at night – and the exhaustion is setting in.

The “Deadliest Catch” captain pushes the Saga to its max capacity. Anderson says he knows that they’re heading straight into a storm. However, he believes the fishing will be worth it.

And Captain Jake isn’t wrong. With just over 115,000 pounds left to fill his seasonal quota, the Saga hits the jackpot. With freezing rain barreling the ship, the crew hauls up a massive find. The large crab pot is filled to the brim with king crab.

In total, the pot is filled with 435 crabs. Now, fans of the Discovery hit know just how amazing this catch is – we’re definitely used to more disappointing results, especially in rough seas and dangerous winds.

“Four hundred and thirty-five in eight hours. I have never seen fishing like that in my life,” Anderson says, still reeling from the awesome haul. “This could be the hottest fishing I’ve ever seen as a captain.”

The risk, however, is not lost on Anderson either. But he knows he’s got to fill his quota. And for the moment, he’s shocked and excited. But there’s still fishing left to do.

“I have a lot of crab to catch,” Anderson says. “I’ve got just as much as the big boats.”

Poor Weather Halts Intense Fishing for “Deadliest Catch” Captain

He describes how they traveled 500 miles to Dutch Harbor because it’s fished less. But the dangerous weather in the far north is a major risk for the small ship, despite their big find. Now that they’ve got the haul in the boat, it’s time to get out of the storm.

“I need to just be safe,” Anderson says in the clip. “This is where things can get really, really dangerous – really, really quick.”

After chatting with his partner and majority boat owner Lenny Herzog on the satellite phone, the two decide Captain Jake needs to head toward the safer waters of St. Paul. Herzog warns the “Deadliest Catch” captain that a storm is bringing 30-foot waves.

“You just don’t want to be out in that, Jake,” Herzog says.

Feeling defeated after his momentary elation, Anderson makes the call to turn back and wait it out.

“Somebody’s gonna just come up here and mop all this up. I’ve never wanted to cry more in my life,” he says.