‘Deadliest Catch’: Two Deckhands Once Got on Wild Bill’s Bad Side

by Courtney Blackann

Being a deckhand on one of the “Deadliest Catch” fishing vessels is already rough. Add getting on the bad side of the captain to that and it makes for a pretty ugly combo. Especially when those deckhands knowingly break the rules just as crabbing season is kicking into gear.

During an episode from last season, Captain Wild Bill finds out that two of his deckhands went out partying all night. They didn’t return to the boat and even worse, they showed up intoxicated, violating Wild Bill’s zero tolerance on drugs policy.

During the clip, the “Deadliest Catch” captain confronts the deckhands individually. As they try to explain themselves, Wild Bill gives them an earful. There’s no question about his anger and disappointment. He ends the conversation by telling the two to get off his boat and never speak his name.

While it seems harsh, Wild Bill knows how tough the fishing industry is. Anyone who’s watched “Deadliest Catch” knows the crew has to be completely reliable in order to run a successful trip. It’s also incredibly tasking and even life-threatening if something goes wrong.

For all these reasons, the boat captains know they must be strict when it comes to their crews. Showing up to work with drugs or alcohol in their system not only endangers themselves. It puts other crew members at risk.

With two days before a trip, Wild Bill says he’s left scrambling for people. The two deckhands show their remorse, but inevitably collect their belongings and leave. Emotionally telling the remaining crew members goodbye, the deckhands walk down the dock.

As they leave, Wild Bill notices one of the guys is still wearing his ‘crew’ sweatshirt and remarks that he “should’ve got his sweatshirt back.”

‘Deadliest Catch’ Captains Must be Strict

It’s a tough lesson to learn but the “Deadliest Catch” guys know there are tons of tough lessons in the fishing business. From accidents, missing fishing spots, harsh weather, and brutal waves, there’s really nothing the fishermen haven’t seen. So being safe is an absolute must – and it’s the captain’s job to enforce it.

Just as Captain Wild Bill has to take care of his crew, he’s also gotta look after his boat. He once gave a tour of his boat, the Summer Bay, and explained what makes his boat unique.

“The Summer Bay isn’t the biggest packer of crab or pots,” said Wichrowski. “But it’s fuel-efficient. So, to operate it, it’s not over-the-top expensive. And right now, we have smaller quotas. like, Keith [Colburn] can pack a lot of crab and a lot of pots, but there’s not a lot of crab to catch right now. So, his costs for a day of fuel are probably double, if not triple mine.”