‘Deadliest Catch’ Video Shows Why the Bering Strait Is Unforgiving

by Jennifer Shea

On “Deadliest Catch,” the Cornelia Marie crew had to navigate a particularly treacherous stretch of the Bering Strait, and they almost didn’t make it out in one piece.

One crew member hurt his ankle after a wave knocked him clear to the opposite side of the boat. But that wasn’t their only problem.

The crew faced a descending polar ice cap amid their quest to pull in a better catch. With Arctic winds and strong currents driving the ice in their direction surprisingly quickly, they had to book it. But there was half a million dollars worth of gear and crab on the line, and they were reluctant to leave too soon.

“When the ice chases you out, the ice chases you out, and that’s the end of it,” co-captain Casey McManus said.

It’s a race against time as they then lose another crew member. Watch the crew struggle through perilous conditions here:

‘Deadliest Catch’ Boats Are Also Rolling Whiskey

Some days on “Deadliest Catch,” like the one captured above, are no laughing matter. But the captains of the four different “Deadliest Catch” vessels also have a fun little side business going on.

They’re helping to make Storm Tossed Rye whiskey in partnership with Fremont Mischief Distillery, KING 5 reports. They carry barrels of the whiskey on their boats, and the whiskey, which needs to be rolled once a month for flavor, gets rolled pretty well on the wave-tossed vessels.

The captains bring the same type of whiskey onto each boat. But three years later, each ship’s cargo carries its own distinct flavor due to the journey it’s been on.  

What’s more, they’re now donating the proceeds from the whiskey to The Sea Scouts, an offshoot of the Boy Scouts that also includes girls in maritime adventures, and the Seattle Fisherman’s Memorial. In 2019, they donated $400,000 to the northwest chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association in honor of a friend of theirs who has the disease.

“In 2013 we started this program to help people,” Cornelia Marie captain Josh Harris told KING 5. “Any opportunity we can get to help people, help different causes, use that star power I guess you would say, to make a difference.”

Fans can vote on which whiskey tastes best at Fremont Mischief’s website. Of course, Harris insists that the Cornelia Marie’s whiskey has a superior taste. But he notes that their ship also wins another distinction.

“Our boat though is the only boat that they’ve come back full every time,” Harris said of the whiskey barrels.