Debra Messing Speaks on Tight-Knit Relationship With ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay

by Jacklyn Krol
Albert L. Ortega, Getty Images

Did you know that Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing have been friends for the past fourteen years? In a new interview with the Today Show, Messing revealed how the pair met and formed a tight bond over the years.

“We met and got to be friends when her son turned one years old and my son was four,” Messing said. Messing has a son named Roman who is now 17 while Hargitay has her son August who is 15.

“She knew that I was in New York and invited me to his first birthday party in Central Park. And as she tells it, she never thought I was going to actually show up, and I did,” she recalled. “It was a nice overture, which she didn’t really expect for me to accept. But then it was just instant love.”

The Will and Grace alum said that their similar work and family values keep them closer than ever.

“The thing that really makes us feel safe with each other and seen by each other is the fact that we both know what it’s like to be on a hit show where there is a very passionate fan base,” Messing said. “Where while you’re trying to have a family life and to have normalcy and you’re trying to be a great employee and a great friend and a great mom and really understanding just how hard that is and the cost that comes with having a life that big.”

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Although she had numerous friends, none are quite like the bond that she has with the Law & Order: SVU star.

“As much as there are other friends that I love and I feel like are my sisters in a very different way, really Mariska is the only person to truly understand that part of my life and I think she would say the same thing about me,” she shared.

Messing noted that their comedic sides come out when they are with one another. They enjoy being funny and silly together.

The pair have often praised each other on their social media accounts. It even extends into their work. Despite the pandemic and hectic work schedules, they find time for one another. This means that in between Law & Order: SVU scenes, Hargitay will FaceTime her good friend. They even managed to capture a photo of one of their recent calls.

“Yup! I got caught by the paps on FaceTime with the stunning & inimitable @therealmariskahargitay while she filmed season #23 of @nbc.svu. Friendship doesn’t take a hiatus,” Messing wrote as an Instagram caption.