‘Dexter’ Fans Have Wild Theory About How Trinity Could Come Back in ‘New Blood’

by Chase Thomas

The Showtime hit show Dexter will be back before you know it, but that’s not all. No, perhaps one of the most memorable and terrifying villain from modern television may return for New Blood, Trinity.

Yes, that Trinity played by John Lithgow from Season 4 of the broadcast.


Reddit was on the case, with a user by the name of IReadTheReddits opined, “Its confirmed that Jennifer Carpenter will be returning and so will John Lithgow. The theory is that Deb will be Dexter’s new dark passenger and John Lithgow will be Harrison’s as we know he was also born in blood and who would be better to see [than] the one who killed his mom.”

This is extremely interesting. First, it is great that both Carpenter and Lithgow will be returning to the show. Both were iconic in their earlier roles for very different reasons. Now, with both characters no longer dancing with the living, it makes sense that if they are coming back it will be as dark passengers. Remember, Dexter’s first dark passenger was his father. However, the Harrison element to all of this is what really stirs folks. In case you had forgotten, Trinity killed Harrison’s mother right in front of him as a baby. Similar to what happened to his father, Dexter, when he was a baby.

The dark urges were always likely to follow Harrison, but many fans had not considered that Trinity would be his dark passanger. However, now that this Reddit user points it out that, it makes sense doesn’t it? Especially if Harrison does not follow his father’s path to a T.

Dexter and Trinity

Lithgow confirmed he will be back on the show where he said, “it seems to be common knowledge so I will acknowledge that I do return as The Trinity Killer, but only fleetingly,” he teased. “When I do return, it has the impact of a hydrogen bomb going off.”

The fact that Lithgow says he only returns “fleetingly” suggests the dark passenger theory holds up. Remember, Harrison is much older now, around the age Dexter was when Henry had to start having those difficult talks with Dexter. We should expect to witness similar conversations in the new season with Dexter and Harrison.

Fans who may have raised an eyebrow about the reboot should feel better to know that if you did not like how the original show ended, you’re not alone. Michael C. Hall did not, either. Either way, the new season looks to be a major event that will be must-see television.